Here is the table cloth I made from the fabrics left over from the sudoku wall hanging. I used the same pattern as the green quilt that I finished a while back. It is a quick and interesting block.

Here is another view showing the tablecloth and wall hanging together. You can also see the newly painted tomato red walls. This kitchen has a lot of personality now!


Scrappy Interlude

I took a break from working on the red string quilts to see if I had enough leftovers from the sudoku fruit and vegetable fabric to make a little table cloth for the kitchen. I thought it would look great made up of squares just like the green pick-and-choose quilt I made for the bed.  First, I cut up the fabric into it’s small pieces:

2009-10-20 table quilt unitsI decided to use the peach fabric for the light. Next step is to make the four patches:

2009-10-20 table quilt units 2

The next thing was to make the blocks. I had enough for 9 blocks and sashing.

2009-10-29 pick and choose again

I didn’t have enough for sashing around the outside or the half-square triangle border like in the green quilt, but that is just as well. The quilt would be too big for our little kitchen table. I like the result. Now I just have to find time to quilt it and get it on the table.  For now, it is folded and in a pile with the red quilts and the flower pot quilt, waiting to be finished.

Ta-Da! For Real This Time

I don’t know how it is at your house, but Monday is change sheets day around here. And what a perfect time to give the master bedroom a whole new look, don’t you think? Here is the green quilt in all it’s glory.

2009-09-07 the color of money 01

I think that black dust ruffle has got to be replaced soon. Here is a close up of the shams:

2009-09-07 the color of money 04

Raymond’s birthday is tomorrow, so this got done just in time. Today, I sewed the binding on that little scrap quilt I made recently for the cats. I will take a picture of it after it gets washed.

What’s next? I think it is time to give the sewing machine a good cleaning and then I want to work on the wall hanging for the other bedroom – the red paisley one.

Crazy Quilter Name Badge & Pick-&-Choose update

In August thanks to my new friend Sharon, I visited and joined two quilting guilds. The first one is called Crazy Quilters and the other is Called Choo Choo Quilters (you know, Chattanooga Choo Choo).

I made my name tag for Crazy Quilters and thought I would share a picture of it.  Although the club is called crazy quilters and they name tag pattern is crazy patch, they are more traditional than cq. It is about 4″ across in real life.

2009-08-31 cq name badge

I don’t have the pattern yet for the Choo Choo name tag, but I will post when I get that one done.  I know I am going to enjoy being part of both groups.

PICK-&-CHOOSE:  Last night I finished sewing the binding on the green quilt and washed and dryed it. It wrinkled up nicely and looks so good. Raymond insists on waiting for the shams before we officially put it on the bed.  His birthday is on September 8th. I hope I can have them done by then.


I just got pick-and-choose back. It is all quilted and beautiful. Take a look:

2009-08-26 quilted 1

You can almost see the quilting on this angle shot:

2009-08-26 quilted 2

Well, maybe not. I will get a better picture for next post. I still have to put the binding on and quilt the shams, but I am very happy with how nicely this has turned out. Raymond likes it too, which is really good since this is his birthday present from me.

If you go to Sherry Meyer’s blog: and scroll down a couple quilts, she has a picture of this that shows the quilting a little better. It’s an all over swirly heart pattern.

Pick and Choose

I just got back from meeting with Sherry, a long-arm quilter. I gave her the green quilt and picked out a pattern and thread for it. She is going to try to have it done this month before she leaves on vacation. If not, it will be done some time in September. The price was quite reasonable. We don’t have a deadline for the quilt to be done, so whenever she has time will be fine.  It is so exciting to have made a quilt that will soon be on our bed.