Pick and Choose Shams

I had enough fabric left to make a couple more star blocks, surround them with the scrappy sashing and a few four-patches to make a couple pillow shams to match the quilt.  Here they are so far:

2009-07-24 pick and choose shams

Raymond had the great idea of putting our initials on the shams.  I enlarged the letters in Microsoft Word and traced them onto freezer paper.  Then I outlined them with a white fabric marking pen and cut them out.  In the picture, they are just basted on.  I will needle-turn applique them onto the blocks, and then they will be a little thinner.  I found just enough of that nice dark green for the letters, and I like the way the letters stand out.  I plan on adding a 2″ or 3″ border of a similar solid dark green around the outside to set off the shams from the rest of the quilt when they are on the bed.

Guess what?  I have to actually go buy fabric for the border! OK, so it is possible that I will have enough left once I piece the backing (which is a dark green, too) to make the border for the shams, but I may have to go buy more green fabric.

I wish I had enough fabric to make a border of half-square triangles and arrange them like the border of the quilt, but I don’t think I do.  Well, one thing at a time.  Fiddle-dee-dee.  I can think about that tomorrow.


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