This picture was taken the day I got that haircut. It never looked quite the same afterward, and I have had several haircuts since, but didn’t get a picture. I think I have decided to grow it out long again for a while. LCKS 9/9/09


7 thoughts on “Me

  1. Sue Duffy says:

    Hey Linda! Good to “see” you! Online that is. Think of you often and hope you’re enjoying your new digs! Take care, peace and joy – Sue

  2. Patti Mitchell says:

    Greetings Linda,

    Raymond sent me your link and said that I should check out what you made him for his birthday. All I can say is WOW! It is fantastic! Your quilting is incredible.

    I have a LOT of fabric that was passed on to me from an estate. She did a lot of sewing and quilting so there are a lot of cottons with small patterns. I hope to some day do some quilting but can not imagine being able to do something as intricate as that. Maybe you can tell me of some quilting sites that might have beginning quits that would be interesting.

    Glad to hear that you and Raymond are doing well. The pics that I have seen of your place are beautiful. It looks like a wonderful place to retire. Sure do miss him on pool nights but he seems to be doing great with the team up there.

  3. Rosa Swanson says:

    Please send contact information for Vista Mahan. I have 2 of her scarves and would like to order more. I’ve misplaced her email address. I hope you can help me. THANKS!

  4. Judith Forehand says:

    Hey Linda, Got the newsletter and decided to take a peak at your blog page. Thanks for sharing with us. Judith

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