This ‘n That

I am not sure why, but whenever I load pictures into this blog, they get put in out of order. Rather than spend my time fixing that, I will just pretend this is how I meant to do it.

2015-05-08 new cq

Just above is a little crazy quilt block that I put together from a bag of goodies I got from a friend right after we moved here. I had to go out and buy some floss so I could start stitching on it since all my threads, flosses, beads, baubles, etc., are in storage in Chattanooga.  I already stitched a little on it; I thought it would be nice to have some hand work to play with now and again.

Here are my Mother’s Day goodies. Raymond got me the flowers and Heath bars. My daughter sent me the sweetest necklace with a tree of life on it and a nice card with some Amazon cash. I am blessed to have such a loving family.

2015-05-10 happy mothers day3

Now for a little decorating update. We got these spice racks hung on the kitchen wall and I realized that my little Red Rooster quilt would look great with them.  I don’t like a cluttered work-space, so having the spices up on the wall is a perfect solution — keeps everything close at hand and out of the way at the same time.

2015-05-11 spices2

My sister sent me some precut hexies and I decided to make them into this I-Spy type of quilt.  Lots of bright colors for some boy or girl.  I used some alphabet fabric on the back, so this quilt is educational as well as fun.

2015-05-20 hexie cuddle quilt

Here is a little notebook jacket I whipped up one afternoon.  I just grabbed the first fat quarter I saw and used that serpentine stitch on my machine to quilt it.


That’s all for now. Have a Happy Day!



Here is the disappearing nine patch experiment. I guess I forgot to take a picture of it with the binding on, so imagine it with a purple binding the same color as those little blocks in the front. I gave this to Project Linus.



These are the ATC cards I got from the March swap — the topic was “Feet.” This was a challenging one for me and I am delighted with all the clever cards I got back.


Next is a panel that I quilted. It still is not bound, but when that is done I will give it to Ronald McDonald house.


Although this is an old qult, the new part of this is that finally — FINALLY —  I got this crazy quilt hung up on the wall. I think I finished it in 2003, so it has been waiting for a long time.


Here is  the 16th and final block for Pushing UP Spring. Now I need to work on the border and corner blocks before I can assemble this one. I am thinking of going over all the blocks and adding some hand embroidery before I assemble them. I think it would accentuate the big flowers and solid colors. It will probably take another year at my pace, but would be worth it.


Next is the a green stripey quilt I made at my first Onderful One Fabric quilts class. I have made three quilts in this same style but somehow this one got quilted last. I really like it though. As you probably know, these are made with border print fabric cut and sewn together to make it look like lots of intricate blocks. This is similar to a technique called Hidden Wells where you sew fabric into strips and then cut them the same way. I had about four yards of this striped fabric and ended up using nearly every bit of it. I think I had less than a 12″ square of it left.



Here is a chair we got at a yard sale that now resides in my studio.  Although it is in like-new condition, or maybe because it is, I have it covered with a throw to minimize the cat hairs that will inevitably attach themselves to it.


Check out this hexie pin cushion. I think the hexies are 1 1/4″ on a side and this size makes a very nice pin cushion. I filled it with crushed walnut shells.


I can mark off another one of my UFOs to finish this year. I allowed one month to get all these blocks assembled. I had all the smaller squares together and just needed to put the blue and grey flying geese around the sides. There are 49 blocks and I just finished them last week. Another month will go for sewing the blocks into a quilt top with borders.  I think I am a little ahead of schedule on UFOs this year. Hooray!


This was my April lotto block contribution – a wonky log cabin. I really like it and plan on making some for myself.


Finally, I signed up for a paper piecing class where we are making place mats for each of the four seasons. this is Autumn. I don’t have the faces on the scarecrows yet — that will be some hand embroidery. Oh, and of course I am making one for me and one for Raymond.


Well that finishes last month.  Ok, there are a couple other things, but I have to keep them secret till after guild meetings and such. Check back again to see what I get up to in May.


A Few More Pictures

Well, almost another month has passed. Doesn’t time fly?

Here are some pictures of what I have been working on:

First, I finished my Chubby Charmer bag. It is from a pattern by Penny Sturges who also designed the Bow Tucks purse that everyone is making lately.  We had a workshop on making this bag a couple of months ago at Chattanooga Quilt Guild. I like the bag because it is so big you can put a big quilt or two in it. It is designed to be made with charm blocks, but I decided to cut up some of my crumb blocks and alternate them with black fabric.  The lining is a peach and orange fabric from my stash. This bag was very easy to put together, although when I make another one, I will use a lighter weight batting in the handles because it was so thick that I broke a couple of needles sewing through all the thicknesses.  Except for that, I love it.

2013-04-05 one chubby charmers

Second is the Pizza Box block I made this month from Dawn’s fabrics. She had asked for a little applique, so I chose this block from “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.”  The clue for this month was half-sqare triangle, so there had to be at least one clearly visible half-square triangle.

2013-04-09 dawns pizza box block

As mentioned previously, I am making a practice block out of fabric from my Pizza Box, and here is the one for March.

2013-04-12 my april pizza box block

Third, my sister made a quilt for the grandbaby of a co-worker and I offered to quilt it for her. I have had it for months, but finally got it done. She did a great job on the quilt. It is made with Minkee and chenille and flannel — I have never worked with such a combination, but may have to now that I see how pretty it comes out.  I quilted it with the walking foot and just did some wavy lines going from top to bottom to avoid pleats and puckers in the seams from the wiggly fabrics. It looks pretty good and will be sturdy enough.

2013-04-12 lauras baby quilt

Fourth is the block of the month for The Modern Guild. If you make and turn in a block, you get put in a drawing to win all the blocks made for that month. I really liked the look of this Celtic chain block and made one hoping to win a bunch of them. Although I didn’t win, I found that the block was really easy to assemble and have added it to my list of quilts to make one of these days.

2013-04-12 modern guild keltic maze block

Next month’s block is called granny square and I kind of like that one too.

Fifth and final for this entry are a couple pillowcases I made.  I was lucky to be invited to a quilting retreat that took place last week and wanted some cute cases for my travel pillows (more about the retreat will follow in the next post, but you can search up to see the beautiful place we stayed). I used a crazy patched cheater fabric and a couple of coordinating fabrics.  That little pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls and I usually sleep with that covering whichever ear is up. It blocks out most of the noises and I can sleep better.

2013-04-14 travel pillows

Still crazy after all these years

Hasn’t just about every blogger used that title at least once? I couldn’t help myself.

At Choo Choo guild, we are studying art techniques and principles that can be applied to quilting. The March meeting was all about texture and the homework assignment was to use some neutral fabrics to make a small block and embellish it as desired to get a feel for texture.  Well, as you know I have a ton of white and off-white cq fabrics, so it was no problem at all to dig in and get a nice assortment of textures. I pieced them in a crazy patch pattern and then added some embroidery, fuzzy yarn, beads, buttons and a little silk ribbon embroidery. It has been some time since I dabbled like this, and I am very happy with my final result.

There were probably 7 or 8 of us that got the homework done and every one was different and very interesting. I am learning a lot from these lessons.  It was really fun seeing how each person interpreted the assignment.

Buzz. . z..z..z..

Raymond set up a beehive in the back yard last month. One of the ladies he works with at the school is a beekeeper and came over and helped the day he introduced the bees to their new home. Later that evening, we were talking and I said I would be on the lookout for some bee fabric and make her a little thank you gift. Raymond thought that was a good idea.

I figured it would take a while to locate fabric to match the picture in my mind and I would probably have to search online. As it turned out, the fabric came to me without me even looking for it.  A day or so later, I was at my Crazy Quilter’s guild meeting and my friend,  Carolyn, was talking about some fabric she ordered online and that one of the fabrics was totally not what she ordered at all and she was going to call the store to get the fabric she wanted. It just happened that the fabric she got and didn’t want was yellow with honey comb in the background and bees scattered across it. Just about exactly what I was looking for.  I told her that I would be happy to take the fabric off her hands if the store didn’t ask her to send it back when they replaced it with the correct fabric. She called them a day or so after that and they said they would send the right fabric and she should just keep the other with their apologies for the mistake.

So my dear friend gave me a yard of bee fabric! I love when things like that happen. Here are the little coasters I made for Raymond’s bee helper:

And here is a little tissue holder that I made for Carolyn for her generosity.

Aren’t they cute!  And I still have most of the yard left to play with. The bees seem to be happy in their new home and have been building wax combs like crazy. Hopefully, we will have lots of honey next year and every year from then on.

Crazy Quilt Block Done & Company

2009-10-13 cq block 1 done

When Kate Hollifield invited crazy quilters to make a block for her latest fundraiser, Tsunami of Good Will, I volunteered.  Here is my contribution. I waited till the last minute to get it finished, but now it is winging it’s way to Chillocothe IL. I bet she has as much fun saying she lives in Chillocothe as I do saying I live in Chattanooga. They are both almost musical names. This block will finish at 6.5.”

For the last couple of days, my good friend Willa Fuller was visiting. We had a nice time hanging out in the sewing room and chatting and stitching. We also made time to visit a quilt shop and find a great Chinese restaurant. She had to leave today and is probably still in her car driving home to Orlando. Here is a picture of us:

2009-10-15 me & WillaWilla and I have been friends for years now. We met on a crazy quilt mail list on the internet back in 1998 or 1999 if I recall correctly. We always have a great time together. She is a beautiful, creative spirit.

I also made a lot of progress on my Santa CQ block, but I haven’t got a picture of that for you yet.

Still Crazy After All These Years

What a great title that is, and a great song as well.

Today, I scanned the two cq blocks I am making for Kate Hollifield’s Tsunami of Hope quilt. I have to finish the embellishment and get them in the mail before the 15th. I better get stitching. Here are the blocks so far:

2009-10-06 cq block 1

2009-10-06 cq block 2

The inside block is 6.5.” As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do on both.

I just got back from my Crazy Quilter’s guild meeting. It was good. We had a demo and discussion on hand piecing. I really enjoyed it and learned a few things. I took my sudoku preserves quilt for show and tell and it was well received.