Scrappy Interlude

I took a break from working on the red string quilts to see if I had enough leftovers from the sudoku fruit and vegetable fabric to make a little table cloth for the kitchen. I thought it would look great made up of squares just like the green pick-and-choose quilt I made for the bed.  First, I cut up the fabric into it’s small pieces:

2009-10-20 table quilt unitsI decided to use the peach fabric for the light. Next step is to make the four patches:

2009-10-20 table quilt units 2

The next thing was to make the blocks. I had enough for 9 blocks and sashing.

2009-10-29 pick and choose again

I didn’t have enough for sashing around the outside or the half-square triangle border like in the green quilt, but that is just as well. The quilt would be too big for our little kitchen table. I like the result. Now I just have to find time to quilt it and get it on the table.  For now, it is folded and in a pile with the red quilts and the flower pot quilt, waiting to be finished.


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