In The Merry Month Of May

Seems like each month finds me busier than the last with little to show as far as finishes. Well, here is what I have been up to:

Sewing Vest

I made this sewing vest for my Chattanooga Quilter’s guild exchange gift. It is based on a pattern called the “Mae West Bomber Vest” and has a bunch of pockets on the inside and outside to hold all your tools and even a pocket for scraps. I altered the pin cushion from a plain square pillow of fabric to the little hexie flower, but the rest is just like the pattern.



I was so happy that I had this button in my stash — it looks like a rolled up measuring tape and goes with the sewing fabric perfectly.


My friend Vicky got the vest and I think she liked it.

Paper Pieced Place Mats

I have been enjoying taking a paper piecing class taught by my friend Denise. We met once a week for eight weeks ending last Thursday.

Here are my second set of place mats — winter of course.  I had trouble with the nine patches in the one and decided to skip them in the other.  The trees were a little tricky, but I got them done. The snowflakes are fused applique on a paper pieced snowball block. These place mats are not quilted yet.


are not quite assembled, but the paper piecing is done. I decided that rather than make two of each of these that I could make one of each and they would serve as our spring and summer set. That little flower block seemed to take forever, so one is enough.

Birds and bees — a fine combination.  I will probably take one of the bees and one of the cardinals and make them into coasters.




Spiced Pumpkin

I started a new hand applique project – a kit by Jan Patek called “Spiced Pumpkin.” The picture shows the center block. When completed it will be about 40″ square.  Civil War reproduction fabric is a different style than I usually use, but I think  this wall hanging will be a great addition to the autumn decor. I have the leaves and one of the vines stitched down already.


Sweet Hearts

I made these heart pot holders for my friend, Vicky’s, birthday gift and managed to get them to her only about a week late.


More Hexies

Here is a new hexie experiment in progress. I had a bundle of fat quarters of the same print in different colors and thought they might work for this with a solid grey thrown in for balance. Not sure what I think about it yet.



Quilt of Valor

I sewed a bunch of strips together in this red white and blue lasagna quilt. It needs nice solid borders, probably navy blue which I hope will calm down all the action of the fabrics and make a quilt that will comfort a veteran.



Well, that pretty much catches me up for now. I hope your spring is full of love and creativity.



Girl Gang nearly done

Here is my completely pieced Girl Gang quilt. This quilt is so big, I have to take two pictures so you can see it all. I finally got the last border on.

Now I have to find time and energy to quilt it.

I sure enjoyed taking this class.

Girl Gang

I have almost all of my Girl Gang quilt top together. The only bit left is a three inch border around the outside. I know what fabric I want for the border, but will have to get it at Sew Bee It quilt shop. I think I will wait till the next Girl Gang meeting to get the fabric. Here is a picture of it so far…

What a great adventure this has been.

Girl Gang for September

Today, I finished the section assigned last meeting and sewed it to the rest. Now the center part of the quilt is complete. All that is left is corner and side blocks. I am liking this more and more as it goes along.  Here is the picture:

The original bottom panel is suppose to be three houses and three little kids with scarves on, but I decided I liked the symmetry of repeating the pineapples from the top. The side sections are an assortment of squares, half-square triangles, and simple blocks. There are a few more baskets and the corner blocks are similar to the inner corner blocks.

This Friday is the next meeting, and am I ever glad to have this done ahead of time.

Girl Gang Update

Today, I finally got back to working on my girl gang block of the month. I am a month behind at the moment, but hope to get caught up before the next meeting. The hold-up was mostly waiting to find the right fabric for the pineapples on the latest section of the quilt. I tried several different yellow, orange and tannish fabrics, and although they would ‘do’ they weren’t perfect. Last Friday at the Girl Gang meeting at Sew Bee It quilt shop, I wandered the store until I found a batik that insisted on being the pineapples.

Then I had to do some work to get ready for the Choo Choo guild meeting Monday evening, and spent yesterday working on the pinwheel project in the previous post.

Finally, today I cut the pieces for the applique and ironed them to the freezer paper templates that I made and glued the pieces to the background. Here is a picture:

The background fabric is the same as the night side of the center block. The red hearts are the same fabric as the roof of the house. The pineapple leaves are the same fabric as the leaves on the trees in the center block and the pineapples are the new batik I found. Here is a closer picture:

Oh, and the star is the same fabric as the star on the basket in the lower right corner. It is also used for the circles behing the hearts in the corner blocks. The original pattern has stars everywhere I have put hearts — on the corner blocks and between the pineapples, but I decided I like hearts more.

I am thinking of repeating the pineapples on the bottom section rather than making the houses and people on the pattern. Either way it is a lot of applique stitching this month.

Catsup, Ketchup, or just Catching Up

I have been busy since the last post.

I finished the pink socks and started a new pair. No pictures of the new ones yet. And the other pink one looks just like the first, so go back a post if you want a reminder.

I got another step done in the P3 Designs mystery block of the month. Here is a picture of my progress:

All we had to do this month is sew together blocks made in the previous months. Isn’t that cute. There are four more star blocks like the one in the center, so they may go in the corners on the next round, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

My girl gang meets tomorrow, and it took me till Monday to settle down and start working on  the corner blocks. There are suppose to be stars in three blocks and the basket in the fourth. I decided to use hearts instead of stars, but I did make one star and put it on the basket. The green border on the three blocks is the same fabric as the lawn by the house and the dark border is the same as the sashing around the center block. The red for the hearts is the same fabric as the front door on the house. There is a blue print square behind a yellow print circle behind the hearts, and the yellow star is the same fabric as the yellow circles.

I think this turned out pretty good.

At the Crazy Quilters guild meeting yesterday, we got our next block of the month pattern and I went home and made it.  It went together quickly and I like it.

I am still using the assortment of light floral fabrics that I set aside for these blocks. This one could probably have benefited from a little more contrast, but I like the way the fabrics sort of blend into each other making the pattern rather subtle.

I also worked on the black and white blocks for the cuddle quilt challenge for my Choo Choo Guild, but I was short one dark fabric so I didn’t take any pictures yet. I found a suitable fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday, so maybe today I will finish the blocks and take pictures.

I also started a new project (like I need another one) using 2 1/2″ squares of assorted prints. I cut up almost all my smaller pieces of purples for this project, and ended up with enough to probably make a queen sized quilt. I have a couple of sample blocks put together testing light and dark backgrounds, but haven’t taken pictures of those either. Maybe I will have pictures to post of them soon.

So, now you are ‘ketched-uped.”

Girl Gang Update for May

Here is what I have done so far. The sunflower block on the left is glued down but not stitched. The right sunflower as well as the top and bottom chicken blocks are done.  Since the bottom chicken block is our assignment for this month and the left side sunflower is somewhere after that, I am a couple months ahead. According to the pattern, the bottom block is suppose to be a row of three odd looking beehives, but I decided I liked the mirror image of chickens instead so made that one early.

I am thinking about taking the center block apart a little and changing the grass. I will use the same fabric, but I think I would like a wavy horizon rather than a straight line. I don’t think it would be too hard to un-stitch the bottom of the trees and house and re stitch them to a new piece. I may switch out the dog for a cat too while I am at it.