What a Sham!

I appliqued the initials on the pillow shams:

2009-07-27 pick and choose 2

2009-07-27 pick and choose sham 1

I have almost got the border on one sham, and have all the smaller parts for the second one ready. Turns out there was enough fabric to make a half-square triangle border to match the quilt. Gosh, this project is almost done! Amazing.

Here is a picture of my sweetie in his garden. he has been digging into the hard clay ground making little terrace gardens. I think in a few years the whole back yard may be like that. In this shot, he has just dug out a couple of big nasty tree stumps. I took the picture from the little deck that is off the kitchen.

2009-07-27 rb garden 2

This morning, I am off to meet a new friend, Sharon. She is a crazy and traditional quilter. I am very excited at the prospect of having  a stitching buddy. We are meeting at Lavender Lime quilt shop. How perfect is that!


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