Scrappy Serendipity

I had these little triangle squares leftovers and they kept asking me to make them into something. Eventually I sewed them into a rectangle and practices some thin line quilting on them. For several days they laid around just like that and I wondered what to do with them next.  When I happened across a tutorial on inserting zippers into quilted things, I knew they would be happy as a little zippered bag.


Almost Caught Up

Here are a couple big shells I made for our master bedroom.  The pieces are fused and machine stitched.

2012-12-03 shells


I made these little wall quilts for church. This is the first time I tried facing the edges instead of sewing on binding. I think it works well.

2018-02-01 faith hope love cross


Here they are installed.  2018-02-04 church walls

Assorted Quilts

The first two quilts are both made with a block called ‘scrappy trip’ that I saw on Bonnie Hunter’s site, I love this block. It is quick and easy but looks complex. I used up almost all of my fruit and veggie fat quarters in the first one and blended a lot of ‘odds-and-ends’ fat quarters in the second one.  These show just two of the many layout possibilities. I am thinking of red white and blue in the next one.

2017-10-05 juicy

Scrappy Trip – Juicy

2017-05-19 scrappy trip

Scrappy Trip


2017-07-17 scrappy ufo

Modern scraps

2016-09-04 doctor who

Doctor Who quilt for my grandson Joe

Long Time = Long Post

[Note: this post has been gathering dust as a draft since July 2016]


I guess I took a vacation from posting. It always seems like I never get much accomplished, but when you look at everything all at once it looks like a lot.  Here is a summary.

From the leftover pieces of Still Life on Caffeine I made these little quilts. I sewed casings around the edges and inserted elastic so they could snugly fit on top of our TV trays.

2016-04-25 fractured table topers

I also added some beautiful mango colored fabric to the rest of the leftovers and made this little quilt. Once it gets quilted it will look great on the sofa in the living room.

2016-05-15 16.56.40

A Quilt of Valor:

2016-04-16 qov - patriot parade

A pretty peacock for my sister:

2016-06-20 pretty bird

Two more Quilts of Valor:

2016-06-11 June QOV

2016-07-17 QOV

A yard sale find we (and when I say we, I mean Raymond) painted.

2016-07-17 new book case

And a wall quilt for my sister’s windowless office.

2016-07-11 lauras window

The next post should start catching up.


I looked back through my pictures and found this arraignment of the fractured flowers with one set of flowers before all the cutting and sewing.  The daisies show the original size of all the flower squares. Maybe that helps demonstrate the size difference from beginning to end.

2015-07-27 fractured flowers

I finally cut into my watermelon fabric and made some new pot holders for the kitchen. These are made just like those square coasters that everyone has been making for quite a while, except I start out with larger squares of fabric. These finish at about 6″ and are just big enough to grab the side of a hot dish coming out of the oven or the handle of a cast iron pan. We also use them a lot under a hot bowl of soup or oatmeal or a cold dish of ice cream. The colors are not quite as bright as the picture.

2016-03-23 pot holders

The second watermelon project was a new runner for the dining room table.  I really like this, although I would make a few changes if I did it again.  There will be lots more watermelon items turning up here shortly.

2016-03-27 table runner front

And to make one table runner do double duty, I put valentine fabric on the back.

2016-03-27 table runner other front

And just like that, March’s productivity concludes.