A Little Retreat

Sharon and Karen, a couple of my Chattanooga friends, came to visit over the second weekend in April. They stayed in a really nice hotel on the beach and we had a wonderful time.

This little quilt was such a big surprise to me — it was made for me by my dear friends in the Chattanooga Quilt Guild. And everyone signed the label. I absolutely love this quilt and especially the sentiment behind it.  It is such a lovely reminder of all the good times we had in Tennessee.

2015-04-13 gift from chatt guild

2015-04-13 gift from chatt guild label

Here we are on the beach. The weather was perfect that day.

2015-04-09 at the beach

These are some shots of the room and how it was set up for quiltmaking.  In the first picture you can see the cutting table.

2015-04-11 03 cutting station Here you can see Sharon and Karen at their sewing tables and the portable design wall cleverly created with a flannel backed table cloth and a few push pins.

2015-04-11 05 sharon & karen

Another view of the design wall. Sharon was working on the wonky star quilt and Karen is making a double wedding ring quilt for her sister.

2015-04-11 06 design wall

They made pretty good progress on their projects and still had time to go out to eat and to visit several quilt shops including: The Florida Key Lime Pie Company, Brano’s Italian Grill, Sew Central, The Quilt Place, and Fabric, Fabric, Fabric.

I didn’t actually work on anything. Well, I took some knitting and got a couple more rounds on the pair of socks I have been working on for about a year, but I concentrated on just hanging out and visiting with the gals. It was such great fun.

Here is the ironing station.

2015-04-11 04 pressing stationThey came by to see the house on their way back up north and became the very first visitors to my little sewing studio.

2015-04-12 sharon & karen

It was so nice to see my northern friends again. I look forward to seeing them again soon. Hopefully next time I will have my guest room ready for company.


Still Waiting

Here is the scoop:

  • We sold our house in Chattanooga 26 days ago.
  • We have been in Florida for 24 days.
  • We have 11 days till the closing on the new house (unless Fortune moves the timetable up).

That is pretty much all the news. It occurred to me a couple of days ago that I could have entertained you with reviews of all the restaurants we have eaten at since we have been kitchen-less, but now I am not sure I even remember them all.

I think I am getting use to being back in Florida. I love the weather especially when I see what is happening further north. I forgot how immense the sky is when you don’t have mountains on all sides limiting the view.

Oh, here is a picture of a little quilt I finished in December that I never got around to mentioning. I made it for our friend Sam’s birthday.This wall hanging is in his favorite colors features some Adinkra symbols that I felt were appropriate for him.   If you search up Adinkra online you will find many different sites with more information on these and many more symbols.  In a nutshell:

“Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Ashanti of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. They represent concepts or aphorisms, and are extensively used in fabrics, pottery, logos and advertising.  The symbols have a decorative function but also represent objects that encapsulate evocative messages that convey traditional wisdom, aspects of life or the environment.”


These particular symbols represent Supremacy of God, Justice, Leadership and Wisdom which fit Sam perfectly.

That’s all for now. Happy Day!


Counting Down


Just checking in after a lovely visit with my daughter and her family.  Here we are at The Egg and I restaurant on Gunbarrel road. Great breakfast fare!

Raymond and I have resumed packing up the house. One short week from tomorrow we will be leaving Chattanooga and heading south to our old stomping grounds in Florida.  A new chapter in our lives and a new adventure begin.

Happy Day!

The Cat Is Out of the Bag!

Well, it wasn’t any secret that we have had our house on the market for almost two years with plans to move back to Florida when it does.  Last month some folks came by, liked the house, made an offer that we accepted and the paperwork began.  Since then Raymond and I have been packing up as fast as we can. I can’t believe all the stuff we have accumulated in these seven short years.

Early in January, we will be heading south to Brevard County, Florida to find the perfect house for this new chapter in our lives.  For me it is a bittersweet event. I am looking forward to living in Florida again, and getting back in touch with my friends there, but I feel like I am leaving a big piece of my heart here.

I am not even going to try to apologize for the lengthy gap in my posts. The AQS quilt show that came to Chattanooga in September was so amazing and fun that I was stumped as to how to describe it in a post. So I put it off again and again and somehow October, November and almost all of December has passed, postless.  Maybe one of these days I will find time to go back and record my quilting adventures of the last few months — for now though let’s just move forward.  I will gather up pictures of this year’s finishes and add a new page soon, and plan on keeping the blog updated with our current adventures. I don’t expect to have much quilting to show you for a few weeks.

In other exciting news, my daughter and her family are coming to visit for a few days over Christmas. We may try to put them to work packing!

Thanksgiving Adventure

Raymond and I decided to go to Illinois to visit the kids and my sister for Thanksgiving. According to my map program, it was 628 miles and would take around 9.5 hours to drive (it was way off). We decided to leave on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in the afternoon and drive till we got tired and stop for the night. It was fun packing clothes and goodies. I made three kinds of cookies and put them in containers: one for Christopher, one for Jennifer, and one for my sister, Laura. I also took the fixings to make pumpkin ginger bread, although I never got around to making it. Oh, and I took the Christmas tree skirt that I showed you in the last post.

Traffic leaving Chattanooga was very slow but after a couple of hours it thinned out and we could go the speed limit. We drove till Paducah KY and stopped for the night at a Holiday Inn Express. When we got up Wednesday, it was drizzling rain and ended up raining almost all the way, which slowed our progress.

We had one memorable experience in Paducah. In the hotel lobby, I found a brochure for the Paducah Quilt Museum. It was just a short ways and even on the exit we had taken. If we had had more time, I would have liked to stop, but we would have had to wait for it to open and that would have us arriving late. Happily, we will be going that way again and can plan around a stop at the museum.

Then when we leaving the hotel, Raymond turned to the right toward a gas station to fill up before we got on the road. As we were leaving the gas station I glanced across the street and saw the legendary Hancocks of Paducah, a fabric Mecca! It was open and we got to go in and browse. What a wonderful store. So many bolts of fabric. Wow. It was hard to leave, but again, now that I know where it is, we can go back. You saw the pictures of the fabric I got there in a previous post. It was a wonderful little side trip.

Back on the road, the rain was steady slowed us a bit. We didn’t get to Jenny’s house till after three pm. The next couple of days were spent between Jenny’s house and Christopher’s house where we slept. Thanksgiving day was great. There was so much food, and we ate and talked and played games, and talked some more.

Joe and James, my grandsons, are both taller than me! That was such a surprise. I can’t believe how much they have grown.  And of course, they have gotten more handsome too. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the three of us. I also got to meet my two grand-puppies, Dexter and Buddha.  Dexter is the beagle and Buddha is a great dane. He is only 10 months old, while Dexter is a year or two older. Both pups have the sweetest temperaments and are quite lovable.

Here are Buddha and I hanging out at Chris’ house. What a big puppy!

The weather was not much cooler than it was in Chattanooga at the time, but we did appreciate having heavy coats and lots of layers of clothing. Sight seeing was at a minimum because the real purpose to go was to be with the kids. We did take a little trip across town to Robert’s Sew and Vac, where I got a couple more pieces of fabric. And I got to show Raymond all the high points of Joliet. We got food one evening at Portillos. http://www.portillos.com/, a great restaurant with a pretty good version of an Italian Beef Sandwich (which I have searched for in vain here in Chattanooga and previously in Florida).

It was so good to see my kids and grand kids and grand puppies. They are all happy and doing so well. I love them more than I can say.I also got to spend time with my friend Lynn, whom I also love.

We planned on leaving Saturday morning to have time to hang out with my sister before heading south again. We stopped at her house and the three of us went out to breakfast at the Chick o Dee restaurant in Wilmington. That was where Laura and I would have breakfast with Aunt Lena and Aunt Mae on Sundays before going to visit Gramma Webster at the nursing home. It was quite a tradition for several years. After Gramma passed, we still had breakfast with the Aunts.

After that we drove all over Wilmington, showing Raymond all the significant places of our childhood – where we went to school, all the places we use to live and hang out. He even got to see the giant astronaut at the Launching Pad drive-in http://www.il66assoc.org/attraction/launching-pad-drive were we use to get ice cream. Laura drove us over to Morris where we got to visit our friend Lorraine in her shop, The Birds and the Teas.

This is my sister Laura, Lorraine and me. Laura and Lorraine have been friends since they were in sixth grade. I think that is very cool to have a friend for so long.

The last leg of our tour took us through Mazon and to Verona to the farm where Aunt Mae and Uncle Paul use to live. No one lives there now, but it is a place full of wonderful memories of summer vacations and ponies and horses and sheep and tractors and corn and soybeans.

Eventually, we had to say good bye and headed back home. The day was bright, the weather was clear and we made good time, ending up staying in Paducah again, at the same Holiday Inn. Again, we got up and on the road too early to try to visit the museum, but one day I will get there.  Traffic slowed down again as we neared Chattanooga.

As much fun as it was to go and visit and all that, it was also wonderful to get home. We had left the cats with lots of food and water and an extra litter box, and they managed fine without us.

Birthday Goodies

This year my birthday was on Thanksgiving. I have a lot to say about Thanksgiving, but right now I am just posting pictures of all the stuff I got for my birthday and from quilt shops on the way to Thanksgiving at my daughter’s house. I wanted to get the pictures up so that later I can refer back to them. It was a very good year, gift wise.

First picture is all the stuff I bought at Hancock of Paducah’s. I got two yards of the red and yellow pepper fabric to use in the kitchen, one yard of that odd geometric print on the other end from the peppers, half a yard of the three batkis in the middle and a yard of the landscape piece hanging above the other fabrics. The other bundles are bolt ends that were stuffed into a couple of scrap bags that I got fhr $3 each. That seems like a lot of fabric to me. There are enough of the abc blocks to make a whole alphabet quilt which will be perfect for a Project Linus quilt.

Second picture is fabrics that my friend Lynn gave me. She has been collecting them for a long time and decided I might use them quicker than she would. The yellow fabric is vintage. Her mother got it when she was a baby to make curtains for her room. Is that cool or what! Lynn has a great eye for color and matching various patterns. All the fabrics below the yellow coordinate nicely.

Third picture is all the stuff my daughter gave me. Imagine a non-quilter/non-sewer browsing a quilt shop and picking up fat quarters and eights that she thought might appeal to me. How cool is that. She even got a bundle of coordinated 5″ charm squares. I love every bit of the fabric. And to top it all off, she also gave me the cool little scrapbook with all kinds of things to make perfect scrapbook pages. I wonder what the theme of it will be?

Fourth picture is all stuff my sister gave me for my birthday: A cool stone bead necklace, a cute little quick journal, a carved wooden November angel, a very cool reproduction of an antique sewing tool – it is a pin cushion and clamps on to a table and can act as a third hand.

Then while we were out and about, she got me all this stuff from the Birds and the Teas shop that our friend Lorraine runs. A pack of Chinese tea for Raymond, some Bush tea for me, a couple of very cool tea difusing baskets, and lemon and raspberry curd. I love that stuff.

I think I can totally skip Christmas this year after this great birthday haul!

But wait, there’s more. . .

Jenny also gave me a couple of very nice thrift store shirts and a silk tie! The silver blouse looks like it is snakeskin. What a great texture for crazy quilting.

Finally, two more pieces of fabric that I got in Joliet, IL at Robert’s Sew and Vac. That green stripe was discounted to $4 per yard. I got four yards and plan to use it for leaves in my next tree of life quilt.

So, thats all for now. I will be back with more information on the great Thanksgiving adventure soon.



Girl Gang

I have almost all of my Girl Gang quilt top together. The only bit left is a three inch border around the outside. I know what fabric I want for the border, but will have to get it at Sew Bee It quilt shop. I think I will wait till the next Girl Gang meeting to get the fabric. Here is a picture of it so far…

What a great adventure this has been.