Here is the table cloth I made from the fabrics left over from the sudoku wall hanging. I used the same pattern as the green quilt that I finished a while back. It is a quick and interesting block.

Here is another view showing the tablecloth and wall hanging together. You can also see the newly painted tomato red walls. This kitchen has a lot of personality now!


2 thoughts on “Tablecloth

  1. Love the tablecloth and wall hanging. Did you use batting in the tablecloth? How did you quilt it?

    I’ve been wanting to make a tablecloth but have stalled since I didn’t have a clue what to do about the batting and quilting.

    Merry Christmas

    • raynbeaugirl says:

      No, I didn’t use batting in the tablecloth. I considered it, but decided not to. I quilted it just a little — diagonally through all the blocks, and it seems to be holding up, even after washing. Thanks for asking.

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