Studio Update

Couple changes in the studio since the last photo session:

Here is my new name badge for Sunstitchers, a circle of the Seaside Piecemakers  Guild that I belonged to when I last lived in Florida. I still have the badge from last time, but it must be in Chattanooga in storage, so I made a new one. It is about 6″ across. I signed up for the waiting list to re-join the guild, but can attend Sunstitchers in the mean time.

2015-04-13 sunstitchers badge

This shelf unit use to be in the kitchen in TN, but there is no place for it in this kitchen, so for the time being I am using it to hold quilts. Looks like a lot of them on the shelves, right? Well about half of them are yet to be quilted.

2015-04-19 quilt rack

Although this sewing room was pretty bright during the day, it still needed more light for serious work. Raymond put this lovely daylight light fixture in the ceiling. There was a spot where a light use to be, but had been removed, and he was able to use the existing wires. Once the fixture was in place, we realized that none of the wall switches in the area operate it, so he added a switch with a pull chain. Works great and the room is really bright now with true colors. Wonderful!

2015-04-24 ceiling light 2

Here is another finish. This UFO has been in progress since 2007. It was a row robin from the last time I was in Sunstitchers. In fact, I got all my rows back at the last meeting I attended before we headed north.  At that meeting I asked the gals to sign muslin patches for me and used them to make my row.  Over the years since then I put the siggy blocks together but could not decide on  just how to arrange the rows.

I ran across the baggie while unpacking and realized I better get in gear so I can show this at Sunstitchers now that I am going back to the meetings. I fiddled with the rows and finally settled on this.

2015-04-19 sunstitchers row robin

From top to bottom, the rows were made by: Barb Jeffers, Me, Kay Franks, Rita Lumm, Clarice Weathers, Anne James and Laxmi Herman. This is definitely a sentimental quilt that I will be keeping.


Still Waiting

Here is the scoop:

  • We sold our house in Chattanooga 26 days ago.
  • We have been in Florida for 24 days.
  • We have 11 days till the closing on the new house (unless Fortune moves the timetable up).

That is pretty much all the news. It occurred to me a couple of days ago that I could have entertained you with reviews of all the restaurants we have eaten at since we have been kitchen-less, but now I am not sure I even remember them all.

I think I am getting use to being back in Florida. I love the weather especially when I see what is happening further north. I forgot how immense the sky is when you don’t have mountains on all sides limiting the view.

Oh, here is a picture of a little quilt I finished in December that I never got around to mentioning. I made it for our friend Sam’s birthday.This wall hanging is in his favorite colors features some Adinkra symbols that I felt were appropriate for him.   If you search up Adinkra online you will find many different sites with more information on these and many more symbols.  In a nutshell:

“Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Ashanti of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. They represent concepts or aphorisms, and are extensively used in fabrics, pottery, logos and advertising.  The symbols have a decorative function but also represent objects that encapsulate evocative messages that convey traditional wisdom, aspects of life or the environment.”


These particular symbols represent Supremacy of God, Justice, Leadership and Wisdom which fit Sam perfectly.

That’s all for now. Happy Day!


Counting Down


Just checking in after a lovely visit with my daughter and her family.  Here we are at The Egg and I restaurant on Gunbarrel road. Great breakfast fare!

Raymond and I have resumed packing up the house. One short week from tomorrow we will be leaving Chattanooga and heading south to our old stomping grounds in Florida.  A new chapter in our lives and a new adventure begin.

Happy Day!

The Cat Is Out of the Bag!

Well, it wasn’t any secret that we have had our house on the market for almost two years with plans to move back to Florida when it does.  Last month some folks came by, liked the house, made an offer that we accepted and the paperwork began.  Since then Raymond and I have been packing up as fast as we can. I can’t believe all the stuff we have accumulated in these seven short years.

Early in January, we will be heading south to Brevard County, Florida to find the perfect house for this new chapter in our lives.  For me it is a bittersweet event. I am looking forward to living in Florida again, and getting back in touch with my friends there, but I feel like I am leaving a big piece of my heart here.

I am not even going to try to apologize for the lengthy gap in my posts. The AQS quilt show that came to Chattanooga in September was so amazing and fun that I was stumped as to how to describe it in a post. So I put it off again and again and somehow October, November and almost all of December has passed, postless.  Maybe one of these days I will find time to go back and record my quilting adventures of the last few months — for now though let’s just move forward.  I will gather up pictures of this year’s finishes and add a new page soon, and plan on keeping the blog updated with our current adventures. I don’t expect to have much quilting to show you for a few weeks.

In other exciting news, my daughter and her family are coming to visit for a few days over Christmas. We may try to put them to work packing!

Crazy Quilt Block Done & Company

2009-10-13 cq block 1 done

When Kate Hollifield invited crazy quilters to make a block for her latest fundraiser, Tsunami of Good Will, I volunteered.  Here is my contribution. I waited till the last minute to get it finished, but now it is winging it’s way to Chillocothe IL. I bet she has as much fun saying she lives in Chillocothe as I do saying I live in Chattanooga. They are both almost musical names. This block will finish at 6.5.”

For the last couple of days, my good friend Willa Fuller was visiting. We had a nice time hanging out in the sewing room and chatting and stitching. We also made time to visit a quilt shop and find a great Chinese restaurant. She had to leave today and is probably still in her car driving home to Orlando. Here is a picture of us:

2009-10-15 me & WillaWilla and I have been friends for years now. We met on a crazy quilt mail list on the internet back in 1998 or 1999 if I recall correctly. We always have a great time together. She is a beautiful, creative spirit.

I also made a lot of progress on my Santa CQ block, but I haven’t got a picture of that for you yet.

Crazy Quilter Name Badge & Pick-&-Choose update

In August thanks to my new friend Sharon, I visited and joined two quilting guilds. The first one is called Crazy Quilters and the other is Called Choo Choo Quilters (you know, Chattanooga Choo Choo).

I made my name tag for Crazy Quilters and thought I would share a picture of it.  Although the club is called crazy quilters and they name tag pattern is crazy patch, they are more traditional than cq. It is about 4″ across in real life.

2009-08-31 cq name badge

I don’t have the pattern yet for the Choo Choo name tag, but I will post when I get that one done.  I know I am going to enjoy being part of both groups.

PICK-&-CHOOSE:  Last night I finished sewing the binding on the green quilt and washed and dryed it. It wrinkled up nicely and looks so good. Raymond insists on waiting for the shams before we officially put it on the bed.  His birthday is on September 8th. I hope I can have them done by then.

What I Am Reading

I have gotten into a routine lately where I read a little before bed. While I drink a cup of tea and sometimes have a piece of chocolate, I journal a bit and then read a bit. First, I write in my gratitude journal. My intention is to write five things from the day that I am grateful for. Some days it is a challenge to pick just five. I am using a wonderful little Journal book that my friend Irene Watson gave me.

Then I read a few pages or sections in these books:

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle I am on my second read trying to keep up with Oprah’s online weekly classes. It is a wonderful book and really is life-changing. The classes are great too.

Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das I don’t remember exactly when I got this book or even why I picked it out. I think it was through one of those book of the month clubs where you get so many books for a dollar each or something like that to start and then you pay a lot for the other books and shipping and handling that you want to quit as soon as your agreement is over. Then you (or at least I do) get enticed by the ‘almost free” books to join again. Anyway, I have had this one for a few years, and recently it spoke to me that it was ready for me or I was ready for it, so I read a section every night after A New Earth. I am really enjoying it an learning about Buddhism and meditation. I particularly like how much my nightly reads of this book seem to compliment what I am reading in A New Earth. Sometimes I forget which book is which.

Altars by Deinse Linn This book was mentioned in one of the blogs I have been reading, and I remembered that I have this book. I probably got it the same way as Awakening the Buddha.. So I dug Altars out of the piles of books that now are in residence in our dining room awaiting bookcases, and am perusing it. It is giving me ideas for creating an altar in my bedroom and perhaps other places in the house.

The Eternity Artifact by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. I just got this yesterday from the library and started it last night. We finally got our driver’s licenses switched over from Florida to Tennessee. The first thing we did after that was get library cards, then Raymond got a fishing license and spent the rest of the day at the lake ( ). He’s out fishing again today – probably till dark – so I did my basic housework and am reading a little more of this book. I have not read this author before, but he has a ton of other books listed inside the title page. What a great discovery! This is my favorite kind of science fiction story. And it is a big. fat book too. It will take a long time to finish. It kinda jumped into my hand at the library, so I had to bring it home.

Go here to read the inside flap: 

Enough typing. I’m gonna go read some more.