I looked back through my pictures and found this arraignment of the fractured flowers with one set of flowers before all the cutting and sewing.  The daisies show the original size of all the flower squares. Maybe that helps demonstrate the size difference from beginning to end.

2015-07-27 fractured flowers

I finally cut into my watermelon fabric and made some new pot holders for the kitchen. These are made just like those square coasters that everyone has been making for quite a while, except I start out with larger squares of fabric. These finish at about 6″ and are just big enough to grab the side of a hot dish coming out of the oven or the handle of a cast iron pan. We also use them a lot under a hot bowl of soup or oatmeal or a cold dish of ice cream. The colors are not quite as bright as the picture.

2016-03-23 pot holders

The second watermelon project was a new runner for the dining room table.  I really like this, although I would make a few changes if I did it again.  There will be lots more watermelon items turning up here shortly.

2016-03-27 table runner front

And to make one table runner do double duty, I put valentine fabric on the back.

2016-03-27 table runner other front

And just like that, March’s productivity concludes.



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