Still Life on Caffeine

Thanks to Jean Larson for introducing me to this technique detailed by Brenda Esslinger in her books, Fracture Frenzy and Fabulous Fractures.  And thanks to my sister, Laura Knowles, for finding these lovely panels for me to experiment with.

Now for a summary of the technique as I interpreted it.

My first attempt was with smaller flower pictures. I think I may have mentioned them before, but here is a reminder:

2016-03-22 fractured flowers

Each of these started out as four identical pictures, then got cut up and sewn back together a couple times and ended up looking as if you were seeing them through a faceted crystal. They all started out as 6″ blocks and finished between 9″ and 10″. I think the difference has something to do with my inaccurate 1/8″ seams.  I am still thinking about what to make out of them – maybe place mats.

To make a fractured quilt  you need to start with four identical fabric panels. The ones I used this time  were about 23″ wide by the width of fabric high.

Carefully cut them into strips vertically

2016-02-21 fracture 02

Alternate strips from each panel

2016-02-22 02

Carefully sew them together. See how the flowers almost double in width?

2016-02-22 03

Repeat that process with the third and fourth panels.

2016-02-22 04

Now you have two larger panels. This is where the fun starts.


Cut the panels into strips again – this time horizontally.


Alternate the strips as before – This step would not fit on my design wall so I separated it. The top is on the left and the bottom is on the right.


Sew all these strips together and you are almost done.


I didn’t sew the last few rows on because that would have made the finished quilt way too tall.  Add borders and quilt it up. I tried several different colors for the inner border and decided the blue was best. Then I was fortunate to find some matching fabric at my local quilt shop,  The Quilt Place in Rockledge FL, to use around the outside. I quilted it simply with vertical serpentine stitch down the middle of each strip and then sewed some pieces of extra border fabric together to make the binding.  The finished quilt is about 50″ by 70″ – larger than I had expected – but luckily I have just the right sized wall to hang it on in our living room. The sunflowers, poppies and lilies in the side borders are the original size of the ones in the center.

2016-03-17 fracture finished

I took a few days in the middle of working on the fracture quilt to put together a Quilt of Valor for March. This is from a kit my friend Karen Downer sent me — a disappearing nine patch. It was pretty quick to assemble.

2016-03-09 qov

That’s all for now.  Happy Day!


5 thoughts on “Still Life on Caffeine

    • raynbeaugirl says:

      Gayle, Yes the strips are 1 1/2″ wide and the seams are 1/8″. I look forward to seeing what you make with this technique.

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