Checking In

Well, we have been in Florida now for about six months and in our house for about five, and I am beginning to feel like this is home. I suspect finally getting a washer and dryer helped with that feeling.  It is so nice to do my own laundry again and not have to take it out to the laundromat.

2015-06-03 washer & dryer

here are the new lovelies, happily nestled in their own little niche. And look at what we (‘we’ in this case means Raymond) had to do to vent the dryer! I don’t know how the previous owners did laundry as there was no vent for a dryer anywhere in the garage.  This setup is a little funky looking, but as long as it works I love it.

2015-06-03 washer & dryer2

I happened across a Quilting Arts episode (1210) on Create TV this week and saw two projects that seemed interesting — quick fabric flowers and a scrappy trip around the world block. That same day, I tried making the flower before I forgot how and here is my attempt.  I like it. I can see this being a cute addition to a purse or pillow or even a baby quilt. The one in the clip used ombre fabric and the first one I found was this brown to tan. It still looks like a flower.  It was as easy to make as it looked in the video.

2015-06-12 sample quilting arts flower

And here is the scrappy trip block. The original pattern is on Bonnie Hunter’s website,  I had seen it there but thought making all those little squares looked like a lot of work. Well after seeing the video on Quilting Arts, I found out it is a fun and quick little block to make. I am so tempted to cut up all my fat quarters into strips and start making more of these blocks.

2015-06-13 scrappy trip

Because the blocks are so busy, I think if I used the same color in the center (I decided to go with white) the blocks would have a little bit of order.

Sock it to me

Next, I am pleased to show a finished sock. I have been knitting on this one for over a year!  The yarn is wool, silk and a little nylon. It feels very soft. I started the second one right away but who knows how long it will take to finish!  Don’t you love the color!

2015-06-12 table sock #20

Studio Update

This week, we got a piece of pegboard and some 1″ x 2″s for the legs and frame and Raymond put them together to hold my rulers and rotary cutters. This one is bigger than the last one and I love it.  Here are some shots of the studio showing the new pegboard.

2015-06-12 studio 2

I moved the furniture around again as you can see. 

2015-06-12 studio 3The pegboard as well as the design wall just lean there against the wall. I love that I can move them around without leaving marks on the walls.  The only exception with that will be my next design wall which will be made of insulation sheets covered in flannel. They will be secured to the wall. Maybe next month I will get around to that.
2015-06-12 studio 1

And here is the pegboard with all my rulers arranged on it right by the cutting table.  I love it!  Now I better get in there and sew something.
2015-06-13 pegboard


This ‘n That

I am not sure why, but whenever I load pictures into this blog, they get put in out of order. Rather than spend my time fixing that, I will just pretend this is how I meant to do it.

2015-05-08 new cq

Just above is a little crazy quilt block that I put together from a bag of goodies I got from a friend right after we moved here. I had to go out and buy some floss so I could start stitching on it since all my threads, flosses, beads, baubles, etc., are in storage in Chattanooga.  I already stitched a little on it; I thought it would be nice to have some hand work to play with now and again.

Here are my Mother’s Day goodies. Raymond got me the flowers and Heath bars. My daughter sent me the sweetest necklace with a tree of life on it and a nice card with some Amazon cash. I am blessed to have such a loving family.

2015-05-10 happy mothers day3

Now for a little decorating update. We got these spice racks hung on the kitchen wall and I realized that my little Red Rooster quilt would look great with them.  I don’t like a cluttered work-space, so having the spices up on the wall is a perfect solution — keeps everything close at hand and out of the way at the same time.

2015-05-11 spices2

My sister sent me some precut hexies and I decided to make them into this I-Spy type of quilt.  Lots of bright colors for some boy or girl.  I used some alphabet fabric on the back, so this quilt is educational as well as fun.

2015-05-20 hexie cuddle quilt

Here is a little notebook jacket I whipped up one afternoon.  I just grabbed the first fat quarter I saw and used that serpentine stitch on my machine to quilt it.


That’s all for now. Have a Happy Day!

Studio Update

Couple changes in the studio since the last photo session:

Here is my new name badge for Sunstitchers, a circle of the Seaside Piecemakers  Guild that I belonged to when I last lived in Florida. I still have the badge from last time, but it must be in Chattanooga in storage, so I made a new one. It is about 6″ across. I signed up for the waiting list to re-join the guild, but can attend Sunstitchers in the mean time.

2015-04-13 sunstitchers badge

This shelf unit use to be in the kitchen in TN, but there is no place for it in this kitchen, so for the time being I am using it to hold quilts. Looks like a lot of them on the shelves, right? Well about half of them are yet to be quilted.

2015-04-19 quilt rack

Although this sewing room was pretty bright during the day, it still needed more light for serious work. Raymond put this lovely daylight light fixture in the ceiling. There was a spot where a light use to be, but had been removed, and he was able to use the existing wires. Once the fixture was in place, we realized that none of the wall switches in the area operate it, so he added a switch with a pull chain. Works great and the room is really bright now with true colors. Wonderful!

2015-04-24 ceiling light 2

Here is another finish. This UFO has been in progress since 2007. It was a row robin from the last time I was in Sunstitchers. In fact, I got all my rows back at the last meeting I attended before we headed north.  At that meeting I asked the gals to sign muslin patches for me and used them to make my row.  Over the years since then I put the siggy blocks together but could not decide on  just how to arrange the rows.

I ran across the baggie while unpacking and realized I better get in gear so I can show this at Sunstitchers now that I am going back to the meetings. I fiddled with the rows and finally settled on this.

2015-04-19 sunstitchers row robin

From top to bottom, the rows were made by: Barb Jeffers, Me, Kay Franks, Rita Lumm, Clarice Weathers, Anne James and Laxmi Herman. This is definitely a sentimental quilt that I will be keeping.

A Little Retreat

Sharon and Karen, a couple of my Chattanooga friends, came to visit over the second weekend in April. They stayed in a really nice hotel on the beach and we had a wonderful time.

This little quilt was such a big surprise to me — it was made for me by my dear friends in the Chattanooga Quilt Guild. And everyone signed the label. I absolutely love this quilt and especially the sentiment behind it.  It is such a lovely reminder of all the good times we had in Tennessee.

2015-04-13 gift from chatt guild

2015-04-13 gift from chatt guild label

Here we are on the beach. The weather was perfect that day.

2015-04-09 at the beach

These are some shots of the room and how it was set up for quiltmaking.  In the first picture you can see the cutting table.

2015-04-11 03 cutting station Here you can see Sharon and Karen at their sewing tables and the portable design wall cleverly created with a flannel backed table cloth and a few push pins.

2015-04-11 05 sharon & karen

Another view of the design wall. Sharon was working on the wonky star quilt and Karen is making a double wedding ring quilt for her sister.

2015-04-11 06 design wall

They made pretty good progress on their projects and still had time to go out to eat and to visit several quilt shops including: The Florida Key Lime Pie Company, Brano’s Italian Grill, Sew Central, The Quilt Place, and Fabric, Fabric, Fabric.

I didn’t actually work on anything. Well, I took some knitting and got a couple more rounds on the pair of socks I have been working on for about a year, but I concentrated on just hanging out and visiting with the gals. It was such great fun.

Here is the ironing station.

2015-04-11 04 pressing stationThey came by to see the house on their way back up north and became the very first visitors to my little sewing studio.

2015-04-12 sharon & karen

It was so nice to see my northern friends again. I look forward to seeing them again soon. Hopefully next time I will have my guest room ready for company.

First Finish

Here is ‘Anchors Aweigh’ all finished. Well, the top is finished and the binding made. I will send it to my Quilts of Valor group, The Georgia Belles, to be quilted. Nice thought to have started and finished a project in my new sewing room. ??????????

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly — had to add a border to get it to the right size — and I am happy with the result.

Back in the Saddle Again

Isn’t it so very appropriate that my first day of sewing in my new little sewing room in my new little house also happens to be National Quilting Day!  I have been itching to work on a Quilt of Valor so I could use some of the wonderful fabrics my sister sent me a while back, and I found just the pattern in the Sept/Oct 2014 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.  It is called ‘Anchors Aweigh,’ which I think is extra perfect as my dad was in the Navy in WWII.

Here is my temporary setup:



I cut enough pieces to make a couple blocks just to see if I would like it enough to make a whole quilts worth. Sometimes the patterns confuse me and I get frustrated.


By the end of my first sewing session, I have four blocks.


They are not so difficult to assemble. I was a little worried since sometimes I have trouble with bias edges and this quilt has a few, but I was careful, took my time and enjoyed the process.  This is going to be such a cute quilt. I have fourteen more blocks to make before I have to decide on the sashing and cornerstones.

It feels great to be sewing again.

And here are all the giant hexie blocks I mentioned in the last post:


The two big ones measure about 26″ across and the smaller ones are almost 16″.  They are really gigantic!  I tried playing with arranging them a little, but have no idea what they want to end up looking like.



Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

Happy National Quilting Day!

Home Sweet Home

Sorry for the long time between posts (again). We moved into the new house on February 18th and have been unpacking for what seems like a million years. I don’t know where the time has gone. Sometimes It seems like we have only been here a few days, but I have no regular routine and lose track of what day it is.

It seemed logical to get the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms in order first, and now I am working on the sewing room.

Here is Raymond putting shelves together a few days ago.  What a patient soul he is.


This is a day later, with some fabric on the shelves, and the cutting table put together.


Here is the other side of the room with my big desk.


During the time I was ‘homeless’, I worked on these hexies. Thetemplates are 3″ on a side and  each hexie measures around 6″ point to point. I used some old floral fabric, although I am planning on scattering them randomly over a background fabric so the finished quilt (or quilts) have a modern look. I had enough of the same fabric to make a couple of the larger circles and I thought they might look interesting in different sizes.  I have one more big circle to finish.  Any suggestions on the background fabric? Should i go with a solid or another floral? Perhaps a pastel stripe?


Zeena and Max are supervising. How could we get anything done without them!


Today, I set up the ironing board and turned on the sewing machine for the first time. Maybe tomorrow I will actually stitch something.


I am planning on adding more shelves. Some of our ‘stuff’ had to go in storage in Chattanooga because it wouldn’t all fit in the truck we drove down her. So sometime soon we will have to go get it.  I have a lot more books and fabric waiting patiently. I hope it will all fit.