Studio Update

Couple changes in the studio since the last photo session:

Here is my new name badge for Sunstitchers, a circle of the Seaside Piecemakers  Guild that I belonged to when I last lived in Florida. I still have the badge from last time, but it must be in Chattanooga in storage, so I made a new one. It is about 6″ across. I signed up for the waiting list to re-join the guild, but can attend Sunstitchers in the mean time.

2015-04-13 sunstitchers badge

This shelf unit use to be in the kitchen in TN, but there is no place for it in this kitchen, so for the time being I am using it to hold quilts. Looks like a lot of them on the shelves, right? Well about half of them are yet to be quilted.

2015-04-19 quilt rack

Although this sewing room was pretty bright during the day, it still needed more light for serious work. Raymond put this lovely daylight light fixture in the ceiling. There was a spot where a light use to be, but had been removed, and he was able to use the existing wires. Once the fixture was in place, we realized that none of the wall switches in the area operate it, so he added a switch with a pull chain. Works great and the room is really bright now with true colors. Wonderful!

2015-04-24 ceiling light 2

Here is another finish. This UFO has been in progress since 2007. It was a row robin from the last time I was in Sunstitchers. In fact, I got all my rows back at the last meeting I attended before we headed north.  At that meeting I asked the gals to sign muslin patches for me and used them to make my row.  Over the years since then I put the siggy blocks together but could not decide on  just how to arrange the rows.

I ran across the baggie while unpacking and realized I better get in gear so I can show this at Sunstitchers now that I am going back to the meetings. I fiddled with the rows and finally settled on this.

2015-04-19 sunstitchers row robin

From top to bottom, the rows were made by: Barb Jeffers, Me, Kay Franks, Rita Lumm, Clarice Weathers, Anne James and Laxmi Herman. This is definitely a sentimental quilt that I will be keeping.

One thought on “Studio Update

  1. DebbieMinton says:

    Linda, You made my Day! Great show and Tell! I Love that Quilt. The use of the bakers rack too. It is unbelievable to me that you have to wait to be in a Guild! Do they not know who you are! You tell them you are best Buds with all the Gals at Chatt Quilt Guild! Ha! Nah, I understand the crowding situation down there, I’m going to work on getting my blog up. I have The show quilt done and off the frame and entered. We are hoping just to be accepted, When I get it up. I want to show the progression like you did. I think I told you Denise came and worked out a plan for the room. She is so ever lovin cool!I will get photos then of the finish. I am going to start my modern quilt as soon as I get the label made for this quilt for the show. I figure every little bit counts to sway their opinion to allow it in the show. Hugs Miss you, but this is great to be able to share with you.

    Prov.2717:”As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.”!
    Debbie Minton

    Also found the reason I didn’t recognize the other quilt. I was out getting stints, Love it though!

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