First Finish

Here is ‘Anchors Aweigh’ all finished. Well, the top is finished and the binding made. I will send it to my Quilts of Valor group, The Georgia Belles, to be quilted. Nice thought to have started and finished a project in my new sewing room. ??????????

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly — had to add a border to get it to the right size — and I am happy with the result.


4 thoughts on “First Finish

  1. DebbieMinton says:

    I saw one with an anchor recently and thought how nice, something for the Naval side of the Armed Forces. This will be beautiful. I have been given a lot of digital patterns for QOV’s going to help Fran when she gets in a pinch. Tried to set up my word press account. I did in fact and afterwards when I tried to get on it said my account # was incorrect??? Rats! I will go in and retrieve or just get a new one when I get half a minute. I love this quilt can be quilted so many ways! You didn’t skimp either looks like you made them a nice size!

  2. Kara Jamison says:

    I like it! Neither have I seen very many naval themed QOV, so this is especially nice. and it’s always satisfying to quilt something new in a new space. Sort of christens it or something. Settles my spirit to do accomplish a new project. Well done, Linda!!

  3. DebbieMinton says:

    Linda, I am going to try to get my space fixed back up, right now just a big ole empty room with everything scattered everywhere. It may never be as pretty as yours but I’m hoping I can get some of that relaxed comfy feel back. I am a person who can’t concentrate if everything is messed up. Hubby has everything sorted and put where it should be up stairs. Denise is coming over to try to help me make some sense of it. Vic said he wants a go at bringing some sanity to it too. So let’s see if I can’t get it back together. I am just in love with your space!

  4. Denise Holihan says:

    Debbie mentioned your blog so I had to check it out and see your sewingroom and your house. I know how happy your must be having a home and getting your sewing room set up. Love your QOV. I have that pattern too and hope to do something a little simplier with it for my brothers.

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