The Waiting Game

So we have been in Florida now for 12 days. We found a house that we want to buy, made an offer that was accepted, and got the financing process started. Today was the home inspection, and although it turned up some little things that will eventually need repaired, there were no big surprises  that might persuade us to look for a different house.

I think we have filled out and signed every piece of paper necessary to buy this house untill the actual closing, which leaves us waiting while the paperwork  is shuffled from one desk to another.  That gives me a lot of time to think about arranging furniture and what new items might need to be acquired.

I took this picture of the outside of the house a couple of days ago.

2015-01-16 new house 01b front

When you walk in the front door you see this lovely living room with hardwood flooring, and right through the big sliding window to the screen room in back of the house and into the back yard. This big room, which is 16′ x 17′ is going to be my new sewing room.

2015-01-17 05

I am having a great time imagining how I will fit all my tables, shelves and fabric in here, and I am sure it will be a great place to play.

There is a nice sized family room which will be our TV room as well as a dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  When we walked in the door we could feel the great energy in this place and knew it was for us.

The closing on the house is tentatively set for February 18th which seems like a hundred years from now, but hopefully things will go more quickly.  Cross you fingers for us. I am starting to really miss my sewing machine.


5 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Lucky find! You are weeks ahead of us in our move to Georgia. Can’t wait to house-shop, but just started packing up and tossing stuff. First garage sale is this Friday. I wish I could snap my fingers and have it all done. Where IS your sewing maching? It’s the LAST thing I’m planning on packing!

  2. DebbieMinton says:

    Oh Wow Linda! That is going to be awesome! Lighting in a sewing room is essential It makes everything so much easier to have that natural lighting! I loved the front porch, It looks like you picked yourself a nice one! Congratulations! Keep us updated. I’ll remember my life when I was young living in Florida vicariously through you! Hugs, Deb

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