En Route

We stopped for the night at a La Quinta Inn in Macon, GA mostly because they allow pets. It was great.  Here are the girls exploring the room — their first time anywhere outside our house besides the vet’s. It didn’t take long for them to feel comfortable. That was a relief. I didn’t know how they would like all the traveling, but they were very good in the car too.


After we got checked in, we went to find some cat food as the box with their food did not make it into the car. When we came out of the Publix, we saw this amazing sunset. I know photos of sky scenes never look as good as the real thing, but have a look at these anyway. it was so beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen a sky like that.



Because our whole house full of stuff was packed up, for the last couple days we slept on air mattresses, so we really enjoyed the feel of real beds again. Here is Raymond all snuggled in and ready for sleep.

??????????We are at another La Quinta Inn tonight, this time near Jacksonville FL. Tomorrow the vacation is over and we start house hunting.


One thought on “En Route

  1. DebbieMinton says:

    Linda, I see an arrow in the sky! WOW! Is that pointing toward Florida! Hubby looks straight as a stick!I Ha Ha! Kitties are happy campers! Ah! I’m happy for you even though I’m sad for us! Hugs

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