March Forth / Lotto Blocks / Dresden Plates

LOL. I  am starting this blog entry on 3/4, which validates the title, but probably won’t finish it till later in the month.

I won lotto blocks at Chattanooga Modern Guild. The theme was to turn in modern versions of the classic Dresden plate blocks.  I turned in this one:


Then I won these:


According to the rules, if I managed to put these blocks in a quilt top, I could enter blocks and maybe win again at the March drawing.  These blocks are quite varied in style and fabric, but I embraced the challenge.

After some pondering, I decided that the three fan type blocks would be easier to work with if they were combined and ended up with this:


Then I tried putting the blocks together in different ways hoping for something pleasing.

This one was too tall.


This was a maybe, but seemed too ordinary — an irregular nine patch.


So I tried a few variations:


This one seemed to be the winner:


Now to fiddle around with background fabrics. dark and light?


All light? Since I didn’t have enough solid black for all the background fabric, the white won.


Maybe add some colored bits with the hope that they would connect the various blocks. This is starting to grow on me.


Perhaps a few leaves would balance the empty spaces:


Well, that is what I took to show. The more I looked at it the more I liked it.  I decided it would be a great quilt to lay over the back of a sofa as a conversation starter.  I got a lot of positive feedback at the guild meeting, which was so encouraging.

The March lotto blocks were suppose to be some kind of plus sign block. Any size, any fabric. I made these three pink ones.


You can bet I was as surprised as anyone when I won a set of blocks again! And to top that off, one gal gave me two more Dresden plate blocks that she hadn’t turned in last month.  Here are all my new blocks:


I thought about putting the two Dresden blocks  and the plus sign blocks together in one little quilt top, but as much as I tried, I couldn’t come up with a plan I liked.

Then I started getting one of my BIG ideas — you know the kind that start out as a little whisper in your head and gets louder and louder till you pay attention to it?  This idea was to take the Dresden block quilt apart a little and fit the new blocks into it. It took a few days for me to work up the courage to give it a try, but finally I did. here is the new little quilt so far:


I still like it.  I am thinking about taking the leaves off now because they look a little too busy with the new blocks, but I haven’t decided.

The plus sign blocks are in a neglected pile, but have not gotten any inspiration for them yet.  Don’t you love challenges!




2 thoughts on “March Forth / Lotto Blocks / Dresden Plates

  1. KG Jamison says:

    It’s so fun to watch a quilt “grow” ~ ~ Very brave to dismantle a satisfying project ~ ~ good work 🙂

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