Where did January go?

(note: when I look at this post, instead of photos I see little squares with an X in them. I hope this is some temporary blip on my computer and not in the actual post. Let me know if you can’t see any of the photos). My sister gave me this lovely lace heart and I decided it would be perfect as a pillow for the guest bedroom. The red paisley fabric matches the duvet and it looks very nice sitting on the bed.


This is a UFO I was given. Some of the rail fence blocks were together, others needed assembled. If you look close, you can see the spot where I got the rails going backwards, but  I think it turned out pretty nice anyway and will make a cheerful cuddle quilt for some lucky  boy or girl.


I have seen on a few other quilter’s blogs that they save up all the spools they empty during the year and then count them up to get an idea of how busy they have been.  I thought I would give it a try. Here are the 25 spools I used up in 2013.  I wonder how many I will use this year?


I joined an artist trading card swap group and here are the cards I got for January. The theme was ‘bears’ and mine is there in the middle. It says “Love bears all things.” All the cards were very cute and each one is totally different. I love seeing how other gals interpret the themes so uniquly.


Here is another pair of short socks. They are very warm, especially when worn over another pair of socks.


This little cuddle quilt was a panel. I just stitched along the lines and gave it to Project Linus at the January meeting.


This is one section of a quilt I am making. It is queen sized and I decided to try the quilt-as-you-go method to finish it. What you do is quilt the middle of each section, leaving the edges un-stitched. then you join the sections and quilt the bits between them. This is the first quilted section. Two more to go.  Zeena is checking it out.


Here are some string blocks I made from patriotic fabric strips. They will end up in two or three different quilts.



2 thoughts on “Where did January go?

  1. You have been a busy little beaver as usual. Love the rail fence and your Amish moment. (you know they say there should always be a mistake to denote that we are not perfect.)… When are you opening your sock boutique??? I think you have enough to do it. And I love your little thread triangle.

  2. Angela says:

    Just stopping by….love the lace heart Pillow….and , yes, all your pictures are showing up on here, very nice work…….Angela

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