October Round Up

D9P Experiment 1

This disappearing nine patch experiment is finished. Here is a picture.


I probably won’t do this again with just two fabrics. I think three fabrics would look good with the third being used just in the center squares of each nine patch block. then it would get cut into four smaller squares and would add a nice punch. This quilt is very nice, but I think it could look better if the little squares were a darker peach or perhaps a teal. Oh well, that is what experiments are all about. I have this little quilt thrown over the sofa in the living room for a while. I really enjoy looking at it.

D9P Experiment 2

Here is anther try with a lot of different fabrics. I used the same dotted fabric on all the outside corners and the purple in the center. This is kind of interesting and will be a nice cuddle quilt. I need to get it quilted.


I finally got a picture of Sharon’s hexie bag with the zipper on. cute, huh?


Then I decided I needed a mug rug for my desk that was big enough to hold a couple beverages at the same time. I usually have a glass of water handy all day and also have a cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes tea. This is big enough and I had the hexies ready to stitch.


Meet Rosie, my new sewing machine.  She is a Huskvarna Viking Eden Rose model that just happened to go on sale at the right time. It is almost the same as the machine my sister has so we can figure out how they work together.  She has a few more bells and whistles than my trusty Kenmore and I hope we have many years of stitching together.


Here are my autumn table mats. We usually eat dinner in the living room on TV trays. I made these with elastic around the edges so they would hug the top of the tray and not slip off. They got pieced and quilted in just a couple days.

??????????    ??????????

Here is the block I made for Suzan D.s pizza box this month. It is a variation on the drunkard’s path block and was a bit challenging, but I am glad I made it so I know just what is involved in this kind of block.  It offers a lot of possibilities.


Here are all my practice pizza box blocks so far including another variation on the drunkard’s path on the bottom row in the center position. This is a fun challenge. We only have a couple months left and I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s quilts.



I hope your October was full of creativity.


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