D9P Experiment

Yesterday, I was thinking about the disappearing nine patch block and how interesting it is. You start with a simple block, cut it up a little, switch the parts around,  sew it back together and end up with something that looks way more complex than it actually is.  Then I wondered what would happen if you used pieced blocks in the four corners of the nine patch and what that would look like once the D9P magic had been done.

So I dug through my orphan block box and just happened to find a stack of hourglass blocks left over from another quilt. Serendipity  blessed me again, and I found that I still had both of the fabrics used in the blocks, so I cut the extra squares and made one block just to see.

Here are the nine blocks:



Now they are sewn together in the usual nine patch style:



One horizontal cut and one vertical cut later:



Switch a couple pieces:



Sew them back together and this is what you get:


I think this one ended up about 13″ square. I have enough orphan blocks to make five more of these.  Might be big enough for a cuddle quilt with a big border or two. We shall see.

This can’t be a new idea. Have you tried this with pieced blocks in the corners?


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