What the Hexie is Going on Here?

As you know, I have been a little obsessed with making paper pieced hexagons lately.  I saw an idea on a blog recently (can’t remember whose, sorry) where they were sewn into a spiral design and thought that would be interesting. Of course I decided to go with the basic primary and secondary colors. Here is the first evening’s progress.


I dived the center hexie into little triangles so the colors would all have a nice beginning.

Here is the next day’s progress.


And the next. . .


and a couple days later . . .


And another couple of days . . .


Where is this going to end?


Remember this blue heart hexie? Well now there is also a purple one. I like the way they look next to each other like that — especially the little diamond shapes formed between them. Imagine that with white fabric, or maybe black diamonds.


But wait, there’s more…


I love hexies and I love hearts. I wonder where this idea will end?


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