A Few Finishes for September

Cuddle quilts

I may have showed these little quilts before, but not in this close to completion. You start out with three pieces of fabric and by cutting them just right and putting them together in a certain order you end up with three super sized nine patch blocks just the right size for a little cuddler.  instead of binding, I opted to do the ‘birthing’ method which is a lot quicker and allows me to round the corners. I think that looks cute. One of these is nearly quilted and I hope to have them both ready to turn in at the next guild meeting.



Little Zippered Pouches

I visited my friend Pam M.  recently and she showed me how to make this little zippered bag. I love the technique for putting the zipper on and am now unafraid of zippers.  I think the goldish fabric on the inside matches nicely.


This is a perfect size for carrying sewing tools and can be made larger or smaller if needed.


The next day, I made another one for a birthday surprise for my friend Sandi S. She has a fondness for frogs, and I just happened to have the perfect fabric for her zipper bag.  I think it turned out really cute.


Pizza Box  Block

Here is the block I made this month for Josie’s pizza box. This month’s clue was to have some kind of star on the block.  This one is called ‘Rising Star’ which I think is a perfect description for Josie. She is definitely a rising star in our quilting community.


I didn’t finish the practice block out of my fabrics yet. Since this is applique, I knew I could get the size right.


6 thoughts on “A Few Finishes for September

  1. Sandi says:

    I want to get the directions for those cuddle quilts done with the large nine patch. I absolutely love my little bag. I have been carrying ever since you gave it to me.

  2. raynbeaugirl says:

    Thanks Sandi. I decided to try a different look for a while and this one looked fun.

    I will bring the super sized nine patch instructions to guild tomorrow. Remind me to give it to you.

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