August – Table Quilt

In the living room, we have a little table between our  TV chairs which is very handy. Unfortunately, it only has one drawer, and we are always digging through it to find a pencil or pair of scissors or the TV controller. For a few months I have been rolling around this idea to make a table topper that is kind of like a saddle bag to fit this table. It will have pockets on the sides that hang down. In the pockets will be all the little things we are always looking for.  I finally decided to try a paper pieced design from a pattern my friend Jean B. gave me.  Here is the basic unit:

2013-08-06 untitled

I decided to go with the primary and secondary colors.  When you put four of these together you can get different looks by changing them around.  I asked Raymond to choose which one he liked best. He picked the first arrangement, so that is what I am going with. Or at least I thought I was. Once I got the first four units together and took pictures, I realized that I had used the third picture rather than the one he wanted.  Once that much was together and the paper pulled out, I didn’t really feel like un-stitching. So that is what we are working with. We both think it looks fine.

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

So the quilt will have a center block of four smaller units and two units on each side. The side units will hang down and I am going to figure out how to make pockets between the color arcs. That is where I am at now.

I made four units out of each of two different groups of fabrics that are similar, but not exact. I like the added variety and besides, I was using fat quarters and didn’t have enough to make all eight units from the same six fabrics.  Now I am deciding on the lining fabric for the inside of the pockets.  Here is a picture with the center units sewn together.


I pulled the paper off the back of the center part — that took just as much time as ever even though I was using some Carol Doak  paper for the foundation. I had not anticipated the big lump of fabric that developed in the very center even after the paper was taken out. Hopefully it will soften up with time.

Check back for updates on this project.


2 thoughts on “August – Table Quilt

  1. Sandi says:

    This is an awesome looking piece!! It will be super when you complete it and will take care of the needs for storage, too.

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