August – This and That

Studio Redo

I moved the studio around a little. I had a nine section cubical in my bedroom closet that I didn’t need after rearranging my clothes (everything I don’t wear often is packed in boxes for the big move) so I brought it downstairs. You can see it against the wall below the windows. I find it a very handy spot to keep all the little things that  tend to clutter the sewing table. This keeps everything at hand, but out of the way.

Then I moved the two cubicles holding the books and magazines from the side of the fireplace to closer to that corner you see in the picture.  This got the treadmill out of that corner and moved the ironing board a little. I think this setup is more functional. The wicker table you see there is in place temporarily while I am working on the paper piecing blocks. It is handy to have a cutting board there so I don’t have to run to the big cutting table every few minutes.



At the last guild meeting, I was given a UFO from the stash of a member who is no longer with us. What an honor.  One block was paper pieced and the rest were rail fence blocks. I decided to sew them together like this.  Once I get a backing and quilt it, I think it will make a cute Christmas table topper. there are a few leftover rail fence blocks that I will put into the backing.



This may be the big project I have been waiting for. I saw a picture of a heart shaped by hexies online and realized I could make one. So here is my sample one.  Isn’t it cute! It measures10 1/2″ by 11″.  I am thinking I could make up a bunch of these in different colors. Once I have a bunch of them, I can see how they could be put together. Maybe combining it with other shapes will be fun.



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