August – Pizza Box Blocks

Pizza Box Blocks

Our August bock needed to have a recognizable pinwheel in it. I tried this one with my practice fabrics:


Except for the lack of contrast between the whitish background and the light green blades of the pinwheel, It turned out fine, so I used Sharon’s fabrics to make the official one:


This one turned out ok, but was slightly too small and it is important to have all the blocks 12 1/2″ square. So I decided to make another one:


I used my favorite flying goose technique that results in dimensional triangles.  This one ended up the right size, so I made one for Sharon:


I put them both in her pizza box. Maybe she can make the small one work.

The September block has to have any kind of star.  That should be interesting.


2 thoughts on “August – Pizza Box Blocks

  1. Sandi says:

    So, will you have your very own quilt when this is finished, in addition to your pizza box quilt since you are making practice blocks along the way? That sounds like such a fun project.

  2. raynbeaugirl says:


    Even better, I am using the same fabrics that I put in my pizza box, so I will have twice as many blocks so I may be able to make a really big quilt, or a couple of them! And I will have a reminder of all the blocks I made for the other gals along with the blocks they are making for me.

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