The Rest of the July Story

I finished the second spiral table runner. This one is in shades of red. It will look nice on the table at Christmas or Valentine’s day. Instead of traditional binding, I tried the ‘birthing’ method where you sew the two sides together facing each other and then turn it inside out. This leaves a nice smooth edge. I use this method a lot on cuddle quilts. In this case, I really like it better than adding the binding.

2013-07-06 spiral table runner red

I made a little sewing kit from some hexies for Vicky Ks birthday based on a pattern in Quilting On The Go by Jessica Alexandrakis. She seemed to like it, even though it was a few weeks late.  I put a magnetic snap closure and appliqued hexies on the inside so that she can slip a pair of scissors behind one and stick her needle in another.

I also made a little hexie pin cushion to match.  I have made a few of the pin cushions. They are quick and fun to make. The trickiest thing is getting the ground walnut shells inside and sewing that last seam.  I gave a couple of the pin cushions to my friends Marge and Carolyn, but forgot to take pictures.

2013-07-18 sewing caddy 1 2013-07-18 sewing caddy 2

I don’t know why, but I am making hexies right and left.  It is so addictive! I go through my scrap bag and cut out some little pieces and stitch up hexies. I am sure some big wonderful project is percolating in the back of my brain somewhere. Won’t it  be great when it lets me know what it is. Till then, I will just keep basting more hexies.

That is pretty much the end of July.  Wait till you see what August inspires!


One thought on “The Rest of the July Story

  1. Sandi says:

    What a cute idea for the hexies. I think hexies are addictive, too. Okay, that takes care of July and there are only a few days left in August. I can hardly wait to see what you did this month! Missed seeing you this month!

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