July So Far

Pizza Box Blocks

Here is the block I made for Betty Woj. for July. It had to have an hourglass in it. I found this one in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks volume 6.  It was not difficult, but looks a little fancy.

2013-07-01 pizza box block

Here is the test block I made:

2013-07-01 pizza box test block

Spiral Table Runners

We had a lesson on making spiral table runners with a 9 degree wedge ruler last month at guild and here is my first attempt:

2013-07-04 spiral table runner green

Here is my second one. I like them both, in fact the green one is on the dining room table right now. I suppose I can save the red one for December and February.  This is a really quick project, I think it took maybe two or three hours to do all the sewing and cutting and sewing back together. Didn’t take long to quilt either.  I already have a third one finished, but haven’t got the pictures on the computer yet.

2013-07-06 spiral table runner red


Cuddle Quilt

Here is the first of a series of three small quilts made from the same three fabrics for Ronald McDonald House.  This is another quick pattern. I did some pretty simple quilting on it. The other two quilts are ready for quilting and I hope to get them done for the August guild meeting.


2013-07-05 cuddle quilt

2013-07-05 cuddle quilt 2


Retreat Signature Quilt

2013-07-05 signature quilt


I had just set this tote bag out so I could load it up with things to take to guild and when I had my back turned, Zeena hopped in. She decided it was the perfect place to take a nap and didn’t get out for a couple hours. What a cutie she is.  Later, her sister Max got in but when she saw me grab the camera she hopped right out.

2013-07-05 Zeena checking out tote


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