Studio Rearrange

Big changes happened in the studio a couple of weeks ago — we finally got that pool table out of there so I have room to really spread out!

Here is the view looking into the room from the little hallway.  The tables are kind of in the same place, but turned around a bit.

2013-05-19 studio changes 01


— * –* –* —

Still standing in the hallway looking to the right. There is the corner of my desk and a view of the patio window.

2013-05-19 studio changes 02


— * –* –* —

A better look at the desk and the aquarium. Hanging that little quilt on the wall is a change too. Before, it was just an empty bit of  wall. That quilt was created during a round robin at Crazy Quilter’s Guild. I made the center block, Sharon G. made the inner borders and Delores D. made the outer borders. Needless to say, I love it.

2013-05-19 studio changes 03


— * –* –* —

Continuing around the right — notice the treadle is by the window where the ironing board use to be.  In fact, I have a new ironing board thanks to my generous friend Carolyn K. You can probably see my old board tucked in that corner. I am planning on taking that one to my sister for her studio when I go visit her in Virginia later this month.

There was a narrow pegboard in that corner too, by the fabric shelves, but that is now on the other side of the room.

2013-05-19 studio changes 04


— * –* –* —

This shot is with my back to the patio window and looking across the room. See — NO POOL TABLE! The little sofa is pushed closer to those small windows, but not right against the wall. I stacked all the big plastic totes full of crazy quilt and garment sewing fabric behind it. The totes were under the pool table before.  Also against the wall were a bunch of plastic shelves there holding all manner of things.  One stack of shelves is still there. See the new ironing board? And there is the little pegboard against the wall right next to my UFO drawers.

2013-05-19 studio changes 05


— * –* –* —

Here is the fireplace, hidden behind fat quarters, my tool chest, an extra monitor and the old TV that had been hiding under the pool table.

2013-05-19 studio changes 07


— * –* –* —

The bookshelves stayed put. That little wicker table down on the left was on one end of the little sofa. It holds a few binders where I keep papers from my various guilds. The treadmill is behind the wicker table and is doing a great job of holding some of the stuff that I haven’t figured out where to put yet. It is also a great place to ‘display’ a couple of finished quilts. They in turn keep dust off the treadmill.

On the table is a little project that I am working on that you will probably see more of in the next post.

2013-05-19 studio changes 08


— * –* –* —

This is a better view of the ironing board. I haven’t had time to get anything new on that design wall for a while, but hopefully that will change soon.

2013-05-19 studio changes 09


— * –* –* —

Another look at the ironing board, design wall, little pegboard, UFO drawers and part of the little sofa.

2013-05-19 studio changes 10


— * –* –* —

Continuing around the room showing the sofa, the stacked totes behind it, the little design wall and a glimpse of some fabric drawers.  But wait, there’s more:

2013-05-19 studio changes 11


— * –* –* —

Here you can see the pegboard holding rotary cutting rulers and tools. I rearranged some of the plastic shelves and turned them into a cutting table.  I think it is very cool and even better than the pool table was for cutting fabric.

You can also see the cork board I put on the wall to help me keep track of what I am working on.

2013-05-19 studio changes 12


— * –* –* —

It is very handy having the rulers and cutters to the side there — easier to get to than before. The table is just a little higher than the pool table was too, so it is even easier on the back. I had to put a light there though as the big pool table light is also gone. This works great like it is.

2013-05-19 studio changes 13


— * –* –* —

Here is a look at the cutting table from the other side.

2013-05-19 studio changes 14

So that’s pretty much how it looks now. It is even more fun to play in than it was before. I certainly feel blessed to have such a nice space to create in.  I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can — you never know when things might change — but that is a story for another post.

Happy Day!


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