What Happened to the Merry Month of May?

These first few pictures are from April. I finished the 12th Pushing Up Spring Block. Here it is:

2013-04-21 pushing up daisies block 12

and here are all the blocks to date:

2013-04-21 pushing up daisies four more to go

Only four more to go! I think I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.

At the Frogpond Retreat we had a day of shopping and I wandered into a rug store and bought this lovely rug. It fits perfectly on the landing and looks really nice.

2013-04-23 new rug

I also won one of the drawings at the retreat and brought all these beautiful fat quarters home.

2013-04-25 fat quarters

SOCKS Here is a new pair of socks. They are made with Lion brand “I Love this Yarn”  worsted weight yarn and are so soft and warm. I am sure they will keep my tosies toastie in cold weather.

2013-04-23 socks 17

PIZZA BOX CHALLENGE Here is the pizza box block I made for Cindye V. for April. She put in a lot of florals and wanted a garden theme and I thought this would work.  The key ingredient in this month’s block was to have a nine patch block. I made nine posies.

2013-04-27 cindyee v pizza box block

My first thougth for Cindye’s block was to make hexagon flowers with the different florals she had, but after starting a test block in my fabrics realized that it would take too long to be done in time.  So I switched to the above block and made one for each of us.  I finished the test hexie block so here is a picture of that followed by a picture of all my test blocks so far. I am enjoying this challenge quite a lot.

2013-05-10 pizza box blocks hexies

2013-05-10 pizza box blocks

With the hexie block, I have two blocks for myself this month.

I guess the next post will have to fill you in with happenings in May.


3 thoughts on “What Happened to the Merry Month of May?

  1. What a busy little Raynbeau you have been. Such pretty colorful work. For some reason I just picked up some knitting that has been here for two years because the yarn is hopelessly tangled so I just work it a little at a time. It was $49 dollars a skein and I got it for $15 during a big sale at The Black Sheep. So I am not throwing it away.. besides it is beautimous yarn.

    May is gone bye bye!

  2. Sandi says:

    Your posy quilt is going to be magnificent. Have you started thinking about how you will quilt it? Great post.

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