Studio Update

Well, a lot has happened in the sewing room since the last post.  I estimate that 75% of my stuff has been relocated to its new location. Here is the view as you look in the door:

2013-01-25 01

My sewing machine is set up and I even sewed a bit on it the other day.  Most of the fabric is folded and stacked neatly.  The few bolts and pieces larger than a quarter yard are in that black bookcase in the right corner.  On the hearth are two CD shelf units that I got from a yard sale. They are perfect for holding folded fat quarters. The one on the left has the fabric I have been collecting for applique and one shelf has the 1/2 pieces that I have dyed myself at a couple dye workshops.

The assortment of decorations on the mantle will be arranged more carefully once I decide just what is going up there. Right now they are just there to be out of the way.

Here is my desk and a section of the big pegboard that was upstairs. There are six cubbies on each side where I can stash a lot.

2013-01-26 02

Here is another view of the work tables. I think I can make room for two or three visitors if the opportunity arises.  I would like to make pretty covers for those brown chairs though, and maybe add cushions to the seast so they are more comfortable.

2013-01-26 03

Here is the fabric corner again and the ironing board. That little IKEA  light is just right to brighten my ironing spot when the sun is not shining.

2013-01-26 04

Here is the bookcase. I was so surprised to find out that all my quilting and craft books and magazines fit and there is room for more. I thought I might need more shelves, but now see that I don’t.  That is Max there on the directors chair.  You can also see the front of the treadmill.

2013-01-26 05

Here is a view of the design wall and one end of the pool table loaded down with finished quilts (a few) and quilts waiting to be quilted (way too many). I’m not sure what to do with the blank wall in that corner yet. Maybe more shelves or another design wall. I will let you know when I figure it out.

The little sofa in the foreground is in a nice spot to sit and do handwork. That cornucopia is laying over the back to remind me that it needs a hanging sleeve. Although it looks very nice there, eventually, it will go in the dining room. Maybe I will make something else for that spot.

2013-01-26 06

Next is a straight view of the design wall with my Birds of a Feather blocks. I am nearly done with the blocks (three blocks to go) for this quilt and hope to have it pieced and ready to quilt soon.

You can seem more miscellaneous stuff on the pool table waiting for homes.

2013-01-26 07

Here are the plastic shelves with most of the stuff that hid in the closet upstairs. I need to make new labels for the plastic boxes so I can find things when I need them.

2013-01-26 08

This is the other empty corner. I plan on making another design wall for it.  Then I can sit at my desk and look at the design wall from a nice distance to see how a project looks. That will be good. On the floor there are some more bags of stuff waiting for a home.

You can also see the shelf that I used upstairs as a window treatment over the sliding glass doors. Unfortunately, it is not long enough for either of the windows down here. My new plan is to cut it in half and make two shorter shelves.

2013-01-26 09

The two shorter shelves will go on the wall over these plastic drawers.  These drawers hold all my odd bits of fabric that have been cut and are uneven and won’t fold up nicely to go on shelves. I have them arranged by color in the two stacks on the right. The other stack is arranged by type of fabric: Christmas, landscape, sewing themed prints, panels, etc.

2013-01-26 10

Here is the other piece of pegboard with all my rulers and cutting tools. Eventually, my cutting mat will be located on the end of the pool table by this pegboard. I think it will be very handy.

That blue bag of fabric is the little bits that many quilters throw away, but I love to make crumb style quilt blocks with them. so I save just about every piece. Every now and again, I get into a mood for some mindless sewing and dig into these scraps. One of these days I plan to sort them by color and put them into their own little bins, but this is how they sit for now.

Do you see that pole with the rolls of ribbon on it? That is the curtain pole that held the valance over the window upstairs. It just stuck through the curlicues of the shelf bracket.  Well, once the shelf gets cut and put on the wall, I plan on hanging this pole (shortened to fit of course) through the curlicues again to make the ribbon accessible. For years, these spools of ribbon have been tucked in a big plastic box and I never remembered to use them because I forgot about them. Now they will be very visible and more likely to be used.

2013-01-26 11

These drawers hold most of my UFO’s.

2013-01-26 12

Another view of the little sofa and pool table.

2013-01-26 13

This is my desk so far. Those two monitors are from my old computer.  If we decide to put TV down here, one of them will be the TV. I am not sure what to do with the other one, but didn’t have a safe place to put it while I figure it out.

I plan on getting another of those two-shelf shoe racks to stack on the one already there, and another three drawer plastic unit to stack on the one there.  I visualize this whole wall being stacked up with shelves and cubbies to hold all manner of goodies.  I also have a  small two drawer file cabinet that will go under the desk on the left once I empty it of the files it currently holds.

2013-01-26 14

Here is another look at the thread board. I plan on getting another thread rack to hold my applique thread and will have to rearrange the lower part of the board to fit it in.

Finally, I hung a bunch of hooks along the bottom to hold some of my  bags and totes.

2013-01-26 15

That’s the tour for this week. Check back to check on the progress.  Maybe I will have some quilty stuff to show you too!

I sure am enjoying this little adventure and am so grateful that I have such a sweet hubby who will move things and hang things and move them again when I change my mind. He is a dear man and I love him more than I can say.


4 thoughts on “Studio Update

  1. Supercalifabriliciousexpialidocious! I will be one of the people in the extra chairs! And I have lost a little weight so a couple of other people can fit too! LOL!

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