New Socks and Studio Update

Here is a picture of my latest pair of socks. They are a dark navy color and although they are solid and plain looking, I bet I get more use out of them than some of my fancy striped socks with the weird color combinations. That is not to say I don’t love my fancy striped socks with the weird color combinations, but it sometimes hard to match them with my clothes. These navy ones will go fine with jeans which is what I wear most of the time.

2013-01-10 navy socks



I think it has been a couple weeks since I told you that we were moving my sewing room to the den in the lower level of the house from the little bedroom up there where it was. Well so far, all the stuff is downstairs, but not all put away yet. I can’t believe I have so must stuff and don’t understand how it all fit in such a small room. This new room is 18′ x 24′ and it looks crowded already!

Sure is fun sorting through it all though and finding things I forgot I had.  Here is a view around the room last week before most of the stuff was moved in.

The doorway is there to the right of the pic – you can see some of Raymond’s billiard trophies in that little hallway. The cubicles and painted door are the beginnings of a desk for my computer and other office-ish stuff. The cube sections are from Lowes and are normally put in closets but I thought they would make great storage areas for stuff.


Turning a bit to the left and you can see the corner which is the future home of a pegboard that will hold my thread racks and assorted sewing tools. The aquarium has to stay there, but I kind of like the bubbling water and watching the fish swim around.


To the left of the aquarium is a sliding door to the back yard. It lets in a lot of light, which is great with all the dark wood panneling. My ironing board will be by this window.


Next to the patio door is this corner which is a perfect fit for the black bookcase I keep most of my fabric that is more than a fat quarter. I also have a small pegboard that will go there too. Sorry about the angle. I rotated the picture before importing it, but WordPress doesn’t seem to realize it.


This is a better view of the corner where the book case goes — right next to that cute fireplace. I doubt if I will want a fire while I am down here, but it might just come in handy if the power goes out.


Another WordPress flub. Turn your head sideways to see these cube sections. They are the future home of my quilting books and magazines. I think I can fill them up completely and may need to add more.


Another shot of the book cubbies also showing the next corner. The treadmill stays, but I think I can work around it. I may even walk on it now and again. Along the wall next to the white cubbies is where my design wall goes., kind of behind the treadmill. I think it will be fine. I may make a smaller design wall for that space between the corner and the little window too. Then I can have a couple different projects in process.


This picture shows the little window again.  Under it are some plastic shelves for some of my plastic shoe and sweater boxes that are filled with assorted things.  You can see the pool table and it’s pretty light as well as the little sofa that I pushed up against it.  There will be more shelves soon, a lot more.

To the left of the little window is another piece of wall that may end up with a small design wall. It would be a straight view from my desk to look at it which will be good.


Here is the final shot bringing us back to the doorway. I have a lot of those plastic drawer units and am really happy I got them all at the same time (from Walmart) because I can snap the individual drawers apart and put them together in different combinations as needed. In this picture, two stacks close to the doorway are full of works-in-progress also known as UFO’s. The stacks on the other side are fabrics too small to put on the bookshelf in the opposite corner. I have them sorted by color and type.


So that is were we were early last week. I will take some more pictures in the next few days and post them.

Hope you are having a fun weekend. I sure am.

One thought on “New Socks and Studio Update

  1. Sandi says:

    What a super area!!! I love the large doors with so much light. It is always fun to re-arrange or re-locate just to find out what we have !! LOL I can hardly wait to get “the tour” of your new digs!!!!!

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