The rest of the story for October

Yes, I am tardy again. Here are the highlights for October:

My sister Laura stopped by for a surprise visit. She is always doing things like that, and I love her for that spontaniety.  She had time to stay overnight and we had a great time catching up. Here we are at the Chinese Buffet.

2012-10-13 sisters

I am pretty sure she still doesn’t like having her picture taken. LOL.

Next is a pair of socks I finished for my friend Sharon. They were almost done in time for her birthday and she seemed to like them.

2012-10-21 Sharons socks

This is the scrappy Christmas quilt that was my UFO to finish for November.

2012-10-17 xmas quilt

I added the crazy patched printed fabric as a border and love the contrast between it and the scrappy blocks.  Then I pieced some leftover scrappy blocks to make the backing:

2012-10-27 Xmas quilt back

The finished quilt will show up in the November round up post.


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