The Love Bug

This year Choo Choo  Quilters Guild had an interesting challenge. It is something that I read about on the internet years ago when I lived in Florida. I suggested it to the guild and they seemed to like the idea, so my team (Team Carolyn) organized it and called it A Novel Idea.

The idea is that you start with a sentence picked randomly from a book to use as inspiration for a small quilt.  Everyone was instructed to go to page number x and count down to sentence x and write it out on their entry form. We got some interesting sentences, and I am still convinced mine was the worst one to try to make a quilt out of.

So we had three or four months to work on the quilts and this month was the big finale. We got fifteen quilts and all of them were great.  You can go to the guild blog (Choo Choo blog) by clicking the link on the side to see all of the entries and read the sentences that inspired them.  And you can go to Veronica’s blog (also clickable on the side) to see more pictures of the entries and learn a little more about hers.

Here is my entry:

My method: I sandwiched sheer fabrics, beads, sequins and bits of ribbons between two layers of another sheer fabric. Then I hand stitched around the different things just enough to hold them in place. The outside border is a sandwich of black fabric and heavy interfacing stitched together by machine in a spiral pattern with some teal and turquoise quilting thread.

Book: Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins

Sentence: ‘Isn’t that a disgustingly romantic way for a scientist to behave?’

And here is the story I wrote about it: The Love Bug

This is a story about Oliver and Matilda.  Oliver was a biophysicist and worked for research. Oliver was quite bright; in fact he was a genius whose research had let to several medical breakthroughs over the years.

But Oliver had one problem. He was shy. And to make matters worse, he was in love with Matilda, the scientist whose lab was across the hall from his. Every morning on his way in to work he would tell himself, “Today I will talk to her! Today, I will ask her out.”  And every morning as he got closer to his office his nerve left him. 

 As he put the key into his lab door, Matilda would be approaching her door and say, “Good morning Dr. Spencer,” as she did every day. And as he did every day, he would mumble, “Good morning, Dr. Ross,” and scurry into his room and close the door.  This had been going on for years! Except for the rare comments exchanged in staff meetings, this was the only time they talked; — They had never made eye contact, his shyness kept his eyes on his shoes.

 He didn’t realize, never would have suspected, that Matilda was carrying a torch for him as well, and she was a little shy herself. Every morning, she hoped that he would say something more than “Good morning, Dr. Ross.”

 One day, he got a big idea of how to express his feelings for Dr. Ross. It involved an innocuous bacteria and some genetic manipulation, and it took a lot of planning, trial-and-error, false starts and going back to the drawing board, but he was confident that this idea would help break the ice between them and he would win his heart’s desire.

 After many months of research, his surprise was ready. And it was also Valentine’s day, a day he had always found depressing, until now. When she was out for lunch, he put a note on Matilda’s door that read – Dr. Ross, if it would be convenient, could you come to my lab before you leave today. I have something I want your opinion on.

 She didn’t notice the note till she was closing her door at the end of the day.  As soon as she did though, she headed across the hall to Oliver’s lab and went in. As you can imagine, he was nearly speechless from the anxiety of waiting all day. But he was so happy that she was there.  Speaking almost inaudibly, he asked if she would look into the microscope at his latest experiment. Of course she complied.

 When she looked in the microscope, she saw something similar to this quilt. The usually round cells one expects to see were heart shaped. She could see them moving around on the slide wiggling around like tiny bumper cars. It was quite an amazing sight.

 Then she asked, “what does it do?”

 He replied, “I’m not sure. I still have some tests to do on it. It may not do anything but get your attention.”

 She asked him, “What did you name it?”

 He said, “e.col.ILOVEYOU.”

 A big smile spread across her face, and she said, “Well, isn’t that a disgustingly romantic way for a scientist to behave?”  She turned from the microscope and looked down at him – he was quite a bit shorter than her. He looked up at her and their eyes met for the first time. Their gaze held for a long moment, then they put their arms around each other and got lost in of those Princess Bride kisses.  The end.  Or perhaps it is just the beginning…


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