Red Paisley Quilt

This quilt has been on the shelf for a few years and came up as my UFO for October at Chattanooga Quilt Guild.

It has an interesting story. Back in November of 2008 I got this cool red paisley duvet for the guest bed. It was a bargain at Tuesday Morning, and I liked it so much that I went back and bought a second one to cut up for accessories.

This picture shows the duvet on the bed along with three of the pillow shams that came with the duvets (two shams with each duvet). If you look close, you can see the little quilts I made for the side tables. I also covered a body pillow and made coasters to match. When this picture was taken, the guest bed was in the middle bedroom. Now that room is my studio and the bed is in the smallest bedroom.

Since I still had fabric from the second duvet, I decided to make a little quilt to go on the wall above the bed.  I remembered seeing a technique on TV that used interesting fabric and cut it up in such a way that you got a kaleidoscope effect with just four squares of fabric, so I cut four repeats of the paisley fabric, stacked them so all the designs were lined up, and cut out sets of five-inch squares. I ended up with 24 unique blocks.

It was fun deciding on which arrangement to use with each block, as you could turn them four different ways and get an interesting look from each.

Once I got the blocks sewn together I had to decide on a setting. I used a light beige print for a flange to frame each block and then sashed them with a dark red stripe. The little cornerstones are cut from the paisley.

I was pretty happy with everything but the flanges as they were too wide and were always flopping around. So, I stitched some machine blanket stitch around them all to keep them flat.

I got some mottled dark red fabric from Hobby Lobby for the back and then the whole thing went into the closet until this last month when it finally got quilted.

I had fun with the quilting too. Since each block is different, I free motion stitched around some of the major lines in each and did some simple curly lines in the sashing. I put the walking foot on the machine for the straight lines that I stitched on the border.

If I had had enough of the dark red left for the binding I would have used that, but I settled on the red paisley.

It is an odd size: 48″ x 59,” which would have been a perfect fit for the wall over the bed except that now the room looks like this:

Over the intervening years, I switched to a white duvet and shams that have a little red embroidery on them, but still have the table quilts and the body pillow covered in the red paisley fabric. My little quilt, Remember Me is on the wall over the bed now, and it looks so cute there that I don’t want to move it anywhere else.  I have decided that what I will do is lay this new quilt over the foot of the bed as an accent.  I think they are all happy together.

Here is the room now. If you look close, you can see the old duvet folded up under the new quilt.  You can probably search up ‘red paisley quilt’ and ‘remember me’ and get to the old blog entries from when I was working on these two quilts if you want more information.


2 thoughts on “Red Paisley Quilt

  1. Sandi says:

    Ilove this story, Linda, and that quilt is beautiful! You do such gorgeous and creative projects. I think all of those “parts and pieces” play so well together.

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