Hot Pads

At the July meeting of Chattanooga Quilters Guild we had a program on making hot pads. You start with pictures from a printed panel and add some pineapple borders and some insulbrite and sew it all together and you have a nice pad to put under a hot dish at the table. Here are the ones I made a couple years ago that prompted the class:

I gave a couple of these away at the guild Christmas party, and a couple people wanted to know how I made them.

I had some more birds on a panel and decided to go with an autumn theme this time.  I only used the silver ironing board fabric on one this time as I didn’t have as much as I thought. Instead, I used regular quilting cotton on the backs. With the two layers of cotton batting and a layer of insulbrite, I think they will be just as useful as the ones with the silver backing. And I actually like the look of the cotton better (I used the brown from the outside border for the backs). And I used a variety of browns and oranges for the pineapple borders which gives them some interest.



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