Mariner’s Compass

I finished this little quilt and I really love it. I started it in a workshop at Crazy Quilters Guild last winter and it sat in my UFO pile because I was a little intimidated about quilting it. When it turned up as my March UFO challenge at Chattanooga Quilters, I got really nervous. I guess it was the perfect time though. I had been told a few times about a free motion quilter, Leah Day, who has online tutorials, so I searched her up and found so many beautiful examples of free motion quilting. Here is the quilt:

I did some practice samples and watch her videos until I saw a few designs that I though I might be able to manage.  Because all of the fabrics in this quilt are Christmasy and have a little gold in them so I decided to quilt with gold thread. I have never had much success with metallic threads before but this was the time to try it anyway. I put in a new needle and stitched on my slowest speed and it worked fine.

I did the star first with straight stitching and a walking foot, then I started on the sections of the background fabric. I used four different designs and marked the main lined with my washable marker.  The dark green triangles are quilted around, but not through so they are a little puffy. I went back to straight lines on the red border. I love my walking foot.

Here is a close-up. I hope you can see the quilting:


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