LIttle Things

I took a pair of old placemats and cut one up to make a pocket section on the other one. Now I have a cute little mat to put under my Janome Jem when I take her out to classes. The mat will hang over the edge of the table and I can keep little scissors and whatever other tools might be needed at hand in the pockets.

I also cut a piece of that shelving liner to go under the mat. Both of them will help cut down on vibrations that the machine might make on whatever table I happen to be using. As long as I was in the spirit, I made a matching finger pin cushion and thread catcher. Now I am ready to go stitching anywhere!

At the April meeting of Chattanooga Quilters Dawn H. presented a wonderful demonstration of how to cover reusable grocery store bags with fabric to make them a little fancier.  Last week I made some and it was really fun and easy. Here they are:

Yesterday was the first time I remembered to take them into the grocery store with me.  I think they looked very sharp.


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