Love Birds

Made a lot of progress on this block once I decided on the background fabric.  As you can see, the one I decided on is none of the previously auditioned ones.  I found a few ‘maybes’ on a recent quilt shop foray and this one seemed like the best choice.  Thanks for all your suggestions and advice.

As usual, the picture is not as clear as it could be. I wonder if I need a new camera or lessons on how to take pictures. The blue bow actually has little white dots in it that you can’t quite see here, but that look really cute. And the darker blue border also has dots and the color gradates lighter and darker in short increments.  It looks much better in person and seems to coordinate  with the bow fabric. The design in the brown border evokes the sense of wood, so it looks like a framed picture.

I have all the pieces stitched down and added borders. Now I have some finishing work to do and of course get it quilted. I think it is about 17 inches square.


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