Quandry condinued…

Thanks for all your suggestions so far.

I dug out some more potential backgrounds. The camera is not perfect at reproducing the colors. In real life the birds are quite distinct from all the backgrounds, the flowers and each other, but the camera seems to want to blur their lightness.

Your comments on these would be appreciated.

A – Blue Roses
B – grey floral
C – grey & pinkish peach
D – yellow print
E – tan floral
F – tannish pinkish marble

G - Tanish print


6 thoughts on “Quandry condinued…

  1. Sharon says:

    Hey there I am partial to brown on pink so to me that looks good.. I can only go by the yellow that I have and I like that also..cause the yellow you posted looks like a lite beige…but they are my favorites and I also like the marble one but the pink marble is my favorite…jmho

  2. Abby says:

    I like all your choices but, without being able to see true colors, I lean toward C. 🙂 It appears the heart’s frame coordinates well with that background and the birds also stand out – very pretty – please post a picture when it’s all finished. 🙂

  3. Well, I STILL like the blue becaue I love all the things the designers hate.. matchy matchy and busy.. LOL!.. but the gray is running a REALLY close second.. it seems to complement the scene and had a great contrast. If you pick the gray, I will still love you. ( of course I will still love you no matter what!) :o)

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