I have been working on this block for a while. It is from the quilt called Vintage Valentine. In this  case, I am just making the one block as a little wall hanging. I have all the applique pieces prepped on freezer paper and glued together as one unit. It is time to decide on a back ground, and I am not sure. I originally planned on using the blue with roses fabric in the second picture, but am not sure if it is too distracting. Still, when I put the unit on a lighter background the birds and flowers seem to get lost.

Your task dear reader, if you choose to accept, is to let me know what you think.  Light, dark, or should I look for something else entirely for the background.  Thanks for your input.


4 thoughts on “Quandry

  1. Sharon says:

    Hey there beautiful block. This is just my suggestion from what I have. I have some of the original pieces of the bom that there was and if you go to google and type in Vintage Valentine Quilt and click on the first link it will come up with pics. To me in looks like a creamer color in the pics but believe it or not the original background for this quilt was a misty (light) yellow…..but like I said look for yourself I like the yellow and the cream color. My cream would be something you could see less cream and a little shade of something else. I guess like a litte tan or go yellow…jmho

  2. My choice would be yellow. I think maybe a Moda Marbles by Patick Lose or a yellow batik. Each of these has some movement in the design, but not a distinct pattern.

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