Birds of a Feather Block 2

This is the second block for the Birds of a Feather quilt. I have all the pieces glued down except for the little bird legs and am in the process of stitching them to the fabric. I figure if I do one or two pieces a day I will have it done for next month’s meeting.

As you can tell from this and the previous block, I am going with a red and green color scheme. I will be using three different background fabrics that are light and neutral, so the reds and greens should show up very well. The red fabric I used for the bird has hearts in it — seemed perfect for a February block.


One thought on “Birds of a Feather Block 2

  1. This is another beauty. I fell in love with that bird!! I guess it is a He since he is so brilliantly colored. He is one handsome bird and all the other fabrics that you have chosen make this block really sing. After seeing these first two blocks, I know your quilt is going to be absolutely stunning. The red and green motif is perfect!

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