My son, Christopher,  is the hardest person to find a gift for. He has every toy or gadget a grown man could want and tons of clothes and books. So for his birthday this year (January 1st) I made a coat for his dog, Buddha. Here Is Chris and my grand puppy —

Buddha is a great dane and is about 2 years old now. He is very smart and probably the best behaved dog I have ever met.  Chris likes to take him to the doggie park to run and play with the other dogs, and mentioned that in the really cold northern Illinois weather Buddha’s short hair does not keep him very warm. So I found a pattern and made this coat —

Chris wanted black, so of course it does not show up well in photos. The top is a water resistant outerwear fabric I found at Hancock Fabrics.  The underside is black fleece. It is not very bulky, but I think it will add an extra layer of warmth. There is some hook-and-loop tape on the sticking out parts so the coat can wrap around Buddha’s chest and waist. Here is Buddha wearing it —

Again, because the coat and the dog are black, it is hard to tell which is which, but you can see how the coat drapes around the back. Looks like it fits ok.


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