Happy Halloween

Well, I finished the latest pair of socks. This picture seems to be a bit fuzzy — sorry. I like the colors, but I think the bands of colors are too wide for a sock yarn. This would look better as a scarf or shawl. I tried to line up the stripes, but they were just too unpredictable.  Nonetheless, I am very happy with the basket-weave pattern I used and will be wearing them proudly as often as I can. Cooler weather coming makes that a likely prospect.

My Crazy Quilters guild started a brown bag row robin at the October meeting. Each participant makes a center block for a quilt and puts it in a brown bag along with any fabrics or embellishments they thing might coordinate. Then the bags get swapped out and whoever receives the block designs and adds a border for the center block. Then that gets put back in the bag and is passed on to the next participant until everyone in the group has added a border.

All the center blocks were shows at the meeting, but after that the work will be done in secret until the end. Here is the block I made for my center:

I used one of my dyed fabrics for the background. The flower and leaves are fused and machine stitched down.

And here is the one I swapped it for:

Pretty isn’t it? And so appropriate for the season. I finished my border for this block yesterday, but sadly I can’t show you for a few months. I hope you can bear the suspense. I am full of anticipation to see how my little sunflower comes out.

That about winds up October.

I have to go shopping for more sock yarn before I can start another pair. In the meantime, I have some cotton yarn which I am knitting dishcloths out of.

I am in the process of recovering the little ironing board that I take to classes with some new silver fabric. Maybe it won’t get as scorched as the last one.  I also plan on recovering the big ironing board that stays in the studio, too.  Happy Trick or Treat day.


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