Dye Workshop Results

Last Saturday I attended a dye workshop with many of my fellow Choo Choo quilters. It was great fun — even more fun than last year. Last year, I concentrated on making solid colors with a little gradation in the pieces. I was very happy with the results. This year I got a little more experimental and tried a few simple patterns. Here are my new beautiful fabrics:

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I am very pleased with these pieces, although I don’t know if I will want to cut into some of them because they are just too pretty.

A couple of my experiments didn’t turn out as expected, but I still learned a lot for next time. The picture with the rusty looking fabric is one example. I used a couple pieces of muslin that I had rust-dyed a couple years ago hoping that over-dying them would improve their look. I twisted both pieces in the nautilus pattern and dipped one side of each into a dye. One was a brown and I think you can see the brown spiral, but faintly. The other piece, I dipped in yellow, and it seems to have blended in with the rust colors too well.

The bright yellow one next to the rusty ones was suppose to be much lighter and kind of marbled looking, but the dye was stronger than we thought.

There are also four pieces with almost no color on them and that is exactly what I wanted. They will be good backgrounds for applique. In fact, I used one of them already. I can’t show it to you right now because it is part of a round robin with my Crazy Quilters guild and is suppose to stay secret till all the rounds are done.


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