Goodbye July

I got a few more pictures to finish up the month.

I bet this one look familiar. This is the second one from this fabric. I have enough fabric for one mare after this.  I quilted this one last week at the Crazy Quilters sew-in for Project Linus. The third one will be for Choo Choo guild’s cuddle quilt program. It is just like the other one: same backing fabric, same puzzle quilting.

Not quilt related, but I just had to share. Raymond installed a beehive in the spring, and here he is with one of the honey-filled sections. His bees were so productive that was able to harvest some honey this year! Is that cool or what!

Here are some more cuddle quilt blocks.  These are a fun wonky nine patch. I made a mistake in the construction process, but I think they look good anyway. I cut some sashing strips from a wild animal print. I had enough of the animal print to make outer borders too. I think this will turn out to be a very nice quilt for some boy or girl.  I bagged up all the pieces to take to the Choo Choo cuddle quilt sew-in later this month.

I finished the last block for this little quilt. Once the blocks are sewn together there are a couple more little pieces to applique on the inside corners, then come the borders and quilting. This has been a fun little project so far.

I also managed a bit of knitting on my current pair of socks, but still have a long way to go on them so no pictures so far. So that wraps up another month. I wonder what next month will bring.

One thought on “Goodbye July

  1. Sharon Griffith says:

    Well Hello there ms Linda…..the quilts look great. I really like the wonky 9 patch but I really really like the one we have been doing all year. And boy I don’t know about you but if quilts could talk what a year mine would tell….lol….I cannot wait to get mine to this point. One more too go. Tell Raymond congratulations on his honey….. Good for him! I did tell Patrick but he is wrestling with himself at the moment on whether or not to go back over seas and work as a civilian which he did for a few years and actually just came back about a year ago. I just wanted to say hello and girl you have been busy…..yeah for you.

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