Odds & Ends from June

Apologies for the big gap between posts. I seem to get things done in the studio in little bursts and then not get around to posting about them. This is a catch-up post.

I pieced quilted and turned in this little quilt for Project Linus. It started out as four big orphan nine-patch blocks. I did some slicing and dicing and rearranged them. With sashing and borders, they ended up like this:

It’s hard to see in the pic, but there is a wide white border and binding around the narrow red one.

This is another one made from orphan blocks that I got from Florence at Project Linus. It is a collection of drawings by childern.  I added sashing and borders and this one still needs quilted. I hope to finish it this month.

I finished appliqueing another “Pushing up Spring” block from Applewood Farms. This is number six or seven out of 16, so I have a while to go. The next block is prepped and ready to start stitching.

My friend Vicky gave me a quilt she had made a long time ago which is partially hand quilted. She lost interest in it, and since she knew I love red and hearts, she decided to give it to me. I love it and am looking forward to finishing it. It is a hanky quilt with lots of hearts on the hankies. I love it. The picture doesn’t do it justice. One of these days I will take another.

Fran Randolph has been collecting red/white.blue string blocks for a big quilts of valor sew in she will be attending in August. I cut up all my patriotic fabric and made some for her.

Finally, I finished appliqueing on this wall hanging that I have been working on for maybe 5 years. I only had about 8 little leaves to finish around the border, but it seemed to take me forever to get them done. Now it only needs quilted. I can really see a difference in my stitching over the years, but I still love this and hope to hang it somewhere in the house soon.


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