More fiddling with the mystery quilt

Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s posts. I appreciate the input and hope you continue sharing your thoughts.

I tried to get a couple close ups of the peach fabric because it comes out brighter in the picture than in real life.And maybe you can see that it has some teal-ish lines swirling through it, which is another reason I like it better than the aqua.


Today I made some changes to the layout. Here is the first one (I am numbering it in continuation of yesterday’s pics):


I changed the rail fence blocks in the top right corner to make a more solid impression.


I turned that lozenge shape in the lower left corner to run parallel to the blue four patch blocks and rerouted the purple nine patches near it.


I changed the upper right corner again, and I think I moved a few random blocks around.


I set my camera to take a black and white shot. Maybe I should have been doing that all along.  I think it looks pretty balanced in this one. The peach arrangements are a little off balance, but I have a few more of those that I can put in the outside border


I moved a couple purple blocks down there by the lozenge thingy and traded one purple block with a background block up in the top right corner just under the rail fence blocks. I wish the colors were truer for you.

That’s all so far. I am itching to get it sewn together, but also want to wait till I am absolutely sure I like it.  I have a plan already for the quilting that is simple enough for me to attempt and still interesting.


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