Still crazy after all these years

Hasn’t just about every blogger used that title at least once? I couldn’t help myself.

At Choo Choo guild, we are studying art techniques and principles that can be applied to quilting. The March meeting was all about texture and the homework assignment was to use some neutral fabrics to make a small block and embellish it as desired to get a feel for texture.  Well, as you know I have a ton of white and off-white cq fabrics, so it was no problem at all to dig in and get a nice assortment of textures. I pieced them in a crazy patch pattern and then added some embroidery, fuzzy yarn, beads, buttons and a little silk ribbon embroidery. It has been some time since I dabbled like this, and I am very happy with my final result.

There were probably 7 or 8 of us that got the homework done and every one was different and very interesting. I am learning a lot from these lessons.  It was really fun seeing how each person interpreted the assignment.


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